This week’s Wednesday Rant is a bit different.  Instead of focusing on a single topic, it randomly shifts around.

Last night, I was watching a friend play Dragon Age on his PS3 (which I advise against…Dragon Age belongs on the PC) when we got into a short discussion about the Dwarven beards.  Their design is great, and the textures on them look pretty good, but they almost constantly clip the intricate armor worn by characters in the game.  Now, I understand the difficulty in making the beards moving objects with their own physics, animations depending on the armor worn, etc…but come on.  When someone is talking to me, and his beard keeps disappearing into his armor, it makes it really difficult to keep my focus on what’s happening.  The most obvious solutions would be either less extravagant beards or less extravagant armor, but that would mean lowering Dragon Age’s meager visuals even more.

Not that Sandal would care.

Trying to understand the number of animations in Dead Rising and Dead Rising 2 is a daunting task.  Because there are dozens of weapons, developers had the opportunity to create insane numbers of different animations, each with their own minute details and intricate movements, many of which would be lost to most players.  The subtle way a shoulder rolls when whipping around a box, the snap of a wrist as CDs are thrown, the slight bending of the knees when holding a samurai sword…all of these little details.

Check out the subtle shift in weight.

Final Fantasy games need to die.  More specifically, numbered Final Fantasy games need to die.  If Final Fantasy XIV is any indication, I think Square has done pretty much everything they can do with the numbered title series.  They’re just trying too hard at this point…the crazy combat systems used in XII and XIII, the repetitive characters (spikey hair, whiney, young), the repetitive storylines (guy wants to destroy the world) and the slow change in focus from “fantasy” to “technology” is just about all I can stand.  I recognize that these things existed in the older pre-VII games as well, but that was back when those ideas were still presented in fresh and intriguing ways.  Now, it just feels like playing the same game over and over.  Square also seems to have been working under the assumption that complexity = ingenuity, which is simply not true.

We’re already past the point where numbered Final Fantasy games could be given a proper burial, so we may as well just end it now.  Or maybe that’s just nostalgia talking.



I absolutely loved the movie Sunshine, but what the hell was up with the captain of the first ship?  That didn’t fit in with the rest of the movie AT ALL, and really made it shift from “semi-believable, intriguing science fiction” to “a poor homage to Event Horizon”.  I really hope this was a studio suggestion/requirement, and not something decided on by the filmmakers.  Again, I loved Sunshine, but I think it would have been even better had they just forgotten about the old rotting bastard.


I was always a bit confused about where on the ship this room was supposed to be...

Don’t you just hate it when something you’re reading ends with an image or a statement that just doesn’t make sense?  I mean, here you are, enjoying an article, when BAM.  Pancake bunny.