sealab 2021 cover

Exploring what happens when the crew of an underwater laboratory gets bored, Sealab 2021 is a hilarious animated series.  Here are our top 5 episodes.

Note: Spoilers

Sealab 2020 was a short-lived animated adventure show, done in the same style as Johnny Quest.  The creators of Sealab 2021 got their start by dubbing over the original animation, before moving on to utilizing the old animations and drawings to make the characters do what they wanted.  The result of their work, Sealab 2021, has modern humor combined with classic animation.  It’s quite a mashup.  In no particular order, here are our five favorite episodes of this awesome cult hit.

1.  Radio Free Sealab

radio free sealab

Captain Murphy has nothing to do, so he decides to start a pirate radio station by having Sealab’s emergency radio beacon raised to the surface. Parodying multiple famous radio personalities, “Howlin’ Mad Murphy” quickly rises to the very top of the radio world.  Unfortunately, his popularity gains the attention of the FCC, who decide to drop the hammer (aka a huge bomb) into the middle of Sealab, blowing it up.  I’m not quite sure why this episode is so much fun, but whatever the reason, this is far and away one of my favorite episodes.

Favorite quotes from the episode:

Murphy: “Is this thing on? Allll right, sea monkeys!  This is Hooowlin’ Mad Murphy!  You can run, but you can’t hide!  Because I am live and worldwide with ten gigawatts of radiowaves that won’t behave!  You can’t ignore me anymore, people! ::wolf howl::  I. Will. Be. Heard.”

FCC Guy: “You watch your ****in mouth, you ****!”

Murphy: “Say hey, Sparkplug!… … …::whispering:: you’re supposed to say ‘hey, Sparkplug’…it’s a bit.”

Murphy: “You seen the ratings, Sparkplug? Number eight, baby! And climbing!”

2.  Stimutacs


Sparks comes up with an insanely addictive “herbal dietary supplement” consisting of “mostly kelp”.  After getting the crew initially hooked, he begins charging obscene amounts of money for it.  While this episode parodies many popular drug films from recent years, its highlight is the picture-perfect parody of parts from Requiem for a Dream.  It’s interesting watching the various characters change based on their consumption, especially Stormy; normally the moron, after ingesting Stimutacs, Stormy has a widely expanded mind and becomes very zen-like.  The Sealab team becomes hopelessly addicted to Stimutacs, and engage in a downward spiral to the bottom.

Favorite quotes from the episode:

Murphy: “It’s like a koala bear crapped a rainbow in my brain!”

Marco: “I have the energy of a bear that has the energy of two bears!”

Stormy: “Captain? It’s not the spoon you wish to bend, but the will of the spoon.”

Sparks: “A rat doesn’t wear lipstick, ok? A rabbit doesn’t use hairspray! A monkey doesn’t need pills to get ramped up for hot monkey sex! It’s people, man! We’re miserable, so why SHOULDN’T we try it all first?!”

3.  Der Dieb

der dieb

Various objects from the crew have been stolen, and everything gets blamed on Quinn.  Murphy decides to invoke “Martian law”, and forms a cadre of martian knights.  They begin to beat anyone that remotely questions their authority.  Things aren’t what the seem though, and there is quite a surprise at the end of the episode.

Favorite quotes from the episode:

Sparks: “Hey, hey hey! Shut your sprech hole!”

Murphy: “Screw it, we’ve got bigger problems than a butter shortage! I never thought I would say that…”

Murphy: “I dub thee, Sir Phobos. Knight of Mars, beater of ass! Be a hitter, babe.”

Marco: “The key is to hit really hard…with the bat.”

4.  The Feast of Alvis

feast of alvis

“Alvis” is a parody of Jesus, with a religion built up around him.  Murphy has taken it upon himself to throw a big feast (a parody of Christmas) filled with pomp to honor Alvis.  Things begin to get out of hand as an entire deck is taken over for the festivities, which greatly offend the non-Alvians on Sealab.  Things go downhill, and Murphy is left to his own devices, until Alvis himself appears.  In a parody of the true spirit of Christmas, Alvis informs him of the true meaning of Alvis time.  Alvis then proceeds to perform a miracle by turning egg-nog into bourbon.

Favorite quotes from the episode:

Alvis: “Crap Screamer! You are forgetting the true meaning of Alvis time! Neither is it ham nor pomp. Nay, the true meaning of Alvis time is drinkin’. Drinkin’ and revenge.”

Murphy: “And we had a special menu for a whole month for the Shikra’s little dealie.”
Debbie: “Uh, do you mean Shikradon?”
Murphy: “Whatever!”
Quinn: “The Shikras fast during Shikradon…”
Murphy: “Yeah, we had tons of leftovers!”

Murphy: “’Vengeance is mine’, quoth Alvis. Then he shot that guy right in the freakin’ face.”

Sparks: “You’re ‘Lord’? It’s a baby with a gun cooking over a freaking floodlight!”

5.  Red Dawn

red dawn

Murphy channels Marx and Lenin, bringing communism to Sealab.  After Quinn questions the “great struggle” that Murphy continually gives speeches about, Murphy has Quinn captured and forces him to build a nuclear bomb.  JFK and the American government catch wind of his intentions, and scramble their own bombers to attack Sealab in an attempt to stave off the incoming attack.  This one has a huge number of quotable bits, and the portrayal of Kennedy is absolutely HILARIOUS.

Favorite quotes from the episode:

Marco: “Commissar. I have rehabilitated another group of the party’s enemies.”
Murphy: “Ha haaaa! Yeah! What does rehabilitated mean again?”
Marco: “Beaten the asses of.”

Murphy: “Now, if you’ll excuse me, we need to rehabilitate Phil…in the face.”

Murphy: “It don’t mean butt if it ain’t got that jut!”

Quinn: “I think the great struggle is all made up…the only thing we’re struggling against is him.”
Debbie: “So wait, you’re saying communism is bad?”
Quinn: “What are you, two years old? Hasn’t history proven that Marx’s vision of an egalitarian utopia is unattainable, inevitably creating an oligarchy more oppressive to the proletariat than the bourgeoisie it vilifies?”
Stormy: “I have to pee.”

Murphy: “Snitchin’ is bitchin’!”