Aqua Teen Hunger Force stands as one of the best animated shows in television history.  Here are our top 5 episodes.

Note: Spoilers

Up until the start of the fifth season, every single episode of Aqua Teen Hunger Force could be considered one of our favourites…this show is very loved in our household, and it was tough to whittle this list down to only five.  Even though many of our favorite quotes don’t appear in any of the five episodes in this list, these are what we feel to be the best overall episodes, presented in no particular order.

1.  Dumber Dolls


My Friday always starts with viewing this episode because of the opening sequence.  Steve (aka “gentlemen”) says “See ya later, have a good weekend!” at the end of the show’s opening segment, which somehow always makes my Friday seem even better (lame, I know…but it works!).  The episode revolves around a doll named Happy Time Harry, a balding middle-aged guy with a knife in place of his right hand; he also comes with “action bills”.  His purpose in life is to make other people miserable, convincing them that there is no point to life and they should kill themselves.  Because dying is what he wants, Shake decides to chuck him off a cliff so that he can be immortal like a Highlander.  This episode is widely known for introducing the now-famous Jiggle-Billy (who even has an entry on, a dancing doll that comes “with a musket, moonshine, night vision goggles, and bare feet.”

Favorite quotes from the episode:

Shake:  “I know I saw cliffs, OK?  And there was lots of magic everywhere, and Mel Gibson.”
Happy Time Harry:  “Uh…Braveheart?  Hello?”
Shake:  “Oh, you think you’re the expert?  Let’s see how much your ass knows about flyin’!”
::throws him off the cliff::

Jiggle Billy:  “Commence tha jigglin’!”

2.  Interfection


For a long time, I used to listen to this episode as I was going to sleep.  Not sure why, but I did!  This episode examines what happens when Shake and Meatwad use Frylock’s computer to click on countless popups.  Eventually, there are so many that they begin to appear outside of Frylock’s computer, filling up his room.  The wwwyzzerdd, styled after the AOL-era of the web, shows up and invites Frylock to “enter the Internets” to hash out a deal.  Aqua Teen rarely has social commentary that is this blatant, much less throughout an entire episode.  It does a great job of personifying exactly what the mid-90′s internet was like and how various companies advertised their services.

Favorite quotes from the episode:

Shake:  “Plaque is a figment of the liberal media and the dental industry to scare you into buying useless appliances and pastes. Now, I’ve read the arguments on both sides, and I haven’t found any evidence yet to support the need to brush your teeth.  Ever.”

wwwyzzerdd:  “Surely this convenience entices you? Pornography and online gaming at hundreds of times the speed of your normal advertising service provider! It’s so easy to use, and the surgery to implant it at the base of your skull is so painless that it’s no wonder I’m number one!”

wwwyzzerdd:  “Congratulations!  You are automatically signed up to receive emails about updates, specials, and emails about other emails.”

wwwyzzerdd:  “A Phone?  How primitive.  Here, caveman: contact him with instant pestering!  It’s only an additional $9.95 a month.”

3.  Super Hero


This one follows Shake as “The Drizzle”, a superhero who takes down criminals by making it rain when they try to go through with their crimes.  According to Shake, since the criminals get rained out, they stay home, and thus never commit any wrongdoings.  After an “accident” with some stolen chemical waste, Shake begins to melt and grow a huge green thing out the bottom of his body, transforming from The Drizzle to The Fume.  This is by far one of the most quotable episodes, with pretty much every scene having some hilarious lines.

Favorite quotes from the episode:

Frylock:  “Yeah, it’s me.  What did you want me to do a search for?”
Shake:  “Gimme a search for “supercrime”, “girls in trouble”, and “press release”…how to.”
Frylock:  “Here’s what your search turned up.”
Shake:  “Sex with animals?  There’s no TIME, man!”

Shake: Drizzle here.
Meatwad: Hello, yes Drizzle. Violent criminals have put…Fat Albert, what, what it’s…
Frylock: No, no, it’s Prince Albert.
Meatwad: Oh, have put…Fat Albert in a can, in your can.
Shake: I’ll need precise coordinates, ma’am.
Meatwad: Oh okay, it’s…it’s in your butt, boy! It’s in your butt! Did you hear me? It’s in your butt!

Meatwad:  “Howdy, villains!  I’m Mr. Mister.  Watch your back, clown!  When I get pissed, you get mist.”

Shake:  “Rain is his thing, man!  Sheets and sheets of it.  And it drenches criminals…when they’re outside!”
Meatwad:  “Right, so then they go inside…and rob banks…and kill people.”

Shake:  “You can expect a forecast of vengeance in the very near future!”

4.  Diet


A bet between Meatwad and Carl is made: if Carl can lose more weight using the “South Bronx Paradise” diet than Meatwad can use doing just exercise and healthy eating, Frylock will buy him a case of his favourite beer.  Shake tries to skew the results by putting tasty but fattening food in front of Meatwad, but has trouble deciding if he wants to eat it himself or watch Meatwad eat it and lose the bet.  It becomes apparent that there is something wrong with Carl’s South Bronx Paradise diet, as he quickly loses a little TOO much weight.  This is another episode that is highly quotable.

Favorite quotes from the episode:

Shake:  “Well, I don’t know why you’re wasting time exercising…it’s just sweat you’re gonna have to wash off.”

Shake:  “Cause you know I get my physical every year…ON ALDERAAN!”

Frylock:  “Meatwad, you should lose weight the right way: by eating a well balanced meal and exercise.”
Carl:  “Or lose it the fun way: eat these candy bars and sit on your ass…as it gets thinner and thinner.”
Shake:  “Or do it my way: don’t do it!”

5.  Hypno Germ


Quite possibly the strangest and most imaginative Aqua Teen episode ever, Hypno Germ follows a hallucinogenic germ that Shake picked up from a toilet seat in Branson after a Gatlin Brothers concert.  Not only is this episode filled with really weird visions that Shake sees, but apparently the only way to destroy the hypno germs is with mexican jumping beans.  After Frylock injects Shake with the beans, the last half of the episode shows the beans and germs performing a low-budget, badly acted play.  Even though this episode is extremely random, it still stands as one of the most creative Aqua Teen episodes yet.  It also contains a quote from Shake that has sat at the very top of this website since we moved over to WordPress.

Shake:  “I meant to tell them that, it’s only a matter of time.”
Basketball:  “Time?  Time is an illusion.  The only time now is party time.  Are we clear?”

Shake:  “Don’t squeeze the pancake batter.”

Shake:  “Ladies and gentlemen, let’s hear it for Tulip Sniper!”
A tulip flower wielding a tommy gun:  “Thank you, thank you very much!”  ::starts shooting::  “Die!  Die, all of you!”