I know there hasn’t been much content around here lately, and for that I apologize.  Two of our very close friends just moved across the country this week, and we’ve found it hard to concentrate on writing (or anything else, really…)  No worries, though!  Our motivation and creativity are slowly returning, and we should be back to our regular posting schedule next week.

Speaking of “regular posting”, we’re currently looking into some slight format changes around here.  Nothing is set in stone, but we are likely going to start focusing more on nerd and geek culture in general, rather than the review-heavy format we’ve stuck to for so long.  If this shift were to occur, the site would become much more like a regular blog, rather than an attempt to emulate sites that are far bigger and more talented than us.  

Ideas we currently have rattling around in our noggins: lamenting the end of physical gaming media, possibly doing some kind of cross-over conversation with the fine folks over at Epic Brew, the assembly of a long-hinted at podcast…oh, and isn’t there some kind of nerdy convention going on next week?  Due to my obligations with Gameblurb and my work schedule, we’re not going to be able to do the kind of coverage we did for E3 2010…most likely, we’ll just do wrapup posts at the end of each day.

Questions?  Comments? Concerns?  Suggestions for content?  Leave us a comment on this post, follow us on Twitter, or shoot us an email!