ass goblins of auschwitz edited

If you are a fan of novels like Naked Lunch (William Burroughs), Skin (Kathe Koja), or any other strange bit of fiction, you must read The A** Goblins of Auschwitz.

Note:  This review is slightly NSFW, due to the the nature of the novel, the title not being censored and the full cover being viewable within the review.

The Ass Goblins of Auschwitz, by Cameron Pierce, is one of the stranger titles I have heard for a novel.  Rest assured the ideas and images within its pages far surpass anything you could imagine.  Cameron Pierce has woven a twisted tale of an alternate reality, in which kids rule their own world… that is, until the ass goblins invade Kidland and take them to Auschwitz to create various trinkets and endure horrific atrocities.  Filled with metaphors for actions taken by the Nazis during the Holocaust, the story is told from the perspective of 999, one part of a siamese pair that was taken away from Kidland and forced into working for the ass goblins.

ass goblins of auschwitz

Just from the title and/or cover, I could see people being offended by this book…however, this novel (intentionally or unintentionally) sheds light on just how horrible the Nazis were, rather than making light of it.  There are small portions that will elicit a chuckle, but this story is not a comedy.  It provides excruciatingly detailed descriptions of the barbaric treatment by the ass goblins, inflicted on both themselves and the kids.  While perhaps the most graphic story I have ever read, the imagery is presented in such a sharp manner that you can’t help but be impressed by the writing skills of author Cameron Pierce.  What he has created here is not violence just for the sake of violence, but rather a story that makes you sit, reflect, and truly think after turning the final page.  With a name like The Ass Goblins of Auschwitz, I know that is hard to believe…but trust me, this novel will get the gears in your mind moving when you finish it.

If you are interested in writing weird stories, this is a great book to get you in the right frame of mind.  Pierce’s ability to take an idea that sounds insane on its surface and turn it into a legit  story provides great encouragement.  Nothing feels overwritten, and the graphic descriptions of the violence that ensue seem to flow naturally, as if they were pictures of a scene converted into words rather than notes drawn from a hat and then strung together.  Also, Pierce has managed to provide many different settings in this novel, despite taking place almost entirely in an alternate version of Auschwitz.  From Candy Land crossed with Lord of the Rings caverns, to “cafeterias” that would exist if Burroughs and Cronenberg wrote a story together, Pierce’s detailed descriptions are eclipsed only by his imaginative settings within the ass goblin-infested Auschwitz camp.

The Ass Goblins of Auschwitz was published by Eraserhead Press, and can be found on Amazon.  It’s one of the best entries in the Bizarro fiction genre I have ever come across, and I highly recommend it if you are into weird and offbeat tales.  Check it out!

Special thanks to Cameron Pierce for providing me with the copy of his book used in this review.  Be sure to check out other novels by him and his fellow writers over at Eraserhead Press.  There is some truly great stuff available from them.