Tetris is probably one of the most famous games ever…it’s been remade and ported to nearly every console and phone out there.  We all know it’s one of the greatest puzzle games ever created, but is the DS version actually worth your money?

Yes it is!  Tetris and DS, two of my favorite things combined!  I remember playing Tetris on my friend’s Gameboy when it was new, and on all the cellphones I’ve ever had…but something that I’ve always hated with Tetris is that the controls are usually very, very stiff.  Lining everything up takes a lot of patience and practice, but I always seem to mess up.  The controls are one of the big reasons why I love this version, the controls here are amazing!  The D-pad on the DS isn’t stiff at all, and strategically placing the tetrominoes is easily accomplished.  It’s almost as accurate as a joystick but more consistant.  The buttons used for dropping fast, rotating, and holding blocks are spread out so you never accidently press the wrong button! 

On the bottom screen is the actual game; you can see 6 blocks and the order they’re coming. By pressing the R or L button, you can ”hold” a block and use it later, which is very useful and makes the game a little easier.  Some Tetris purists despise the “hold” function, but I think it’s a great addition to the game, as it helps keep things smoother.  On the top screen, you can see gameplay of other retro games by Nintendo like Mario, Zelda, Balloon Fight, and more.  It’s completely unecessary, in my opinion.  However, I’m glad that they didn’t stretch out the game over both screens…I hate having to look over both screens, it just makes my eyes go nuts!

One of the many things I like about this version is the visuals.  It looks great! And sounds great too, even though the original Tetris themes are rarely heard.  I could easily see kids who didn’t grow up with the original waxing nostalgic about this DS version in the future.

Nintendo included a bunch of other game modes, such as “Push Mode”, “Touch Mode”, “Puzzle Mode”, and more.  They’re good…not amazing, not bad, just good.  Whenever I play these non-standard modes, I think to myself  “Wow, I could be playing regular Tetris right now. “ 

That’s pretty much all I have to say about this port.  It’s one of the smoothest and cleanest versions of Tetris, whether you want to play it solo or with a few friends.  Highly recommended.