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Shaun of the Dead

Shaun of the Dead is one of those rare parody films that’s a classic addition to the very genre it’s making fun of.

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Zombie (1979)


The third entry in our Week of Horror series is Zombie, a 1979 Italian film directed by the legendary Lucio Fulci.

Note:  This review covers the Anchor Bay 2002 release.  Some images inside NSFW.

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The unofficial Gates of Hell trilogy


The Gates of Hell trilogy from horror legend Lucio Fulci is unique in that it isn’t an actual trilogy at all…it is just a series of three movies that share a similar storyline.

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The Dead Next Door


Films like Shriek of the Mutilated and Slave to the Cannibal God prove that independent horror films are some of the best horror films.  The Dead Next Door is no exception.

Note: Gory, NSFW images inside

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