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Insane rally in Rockstar’s Table Tennis

Rockstar’s Table Tennis remains one of the best local co-op experiences of this generation, something we proved last night with an insane rally. I’m sure there’s been much higher rallies recorded in the years this game has been available, but 365 was the highest I’ve seen in person. I wish I could claim it was mine, but it wasn’t…the back-and-forth was won by a buddy of mine.

Revisiting some favorites

Every gamer has a few titles they can play over and over again, with each playthrough providing an abundance of joy.  Here are my experiences with ten such games, in order of release date.

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Fable III initial impressions

With about seven hours under our belt, here are our initial impressions on Fable III.

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We have already discussed whether or not a good story is necessary for a game to be considered “good”, and Limbo adds another hash mark to the “no” column.  It takes minimalism in gaming beyond what you thought possible.

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Modern Warfare 2: Single Player Review


Modern Warfare 2 was unleashed a week ago.  How does it fare against Modern Warfare 1 (i.e. CoD 4)?  Click through to find out.

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