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A visual guide to Ambient music

Interested in how an ambient track gets put together?  Here’s but a small glimpse at what’s involved in creating this intricate and beautiful music.

Note: You can listen to (and download!) my currently available tracks for free at Last.fm, and as a torrent.

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Make use of an old computer…Ubuntunize it!

hp con tablet

AndreasL is a new contributor for Living With a Nerd.  Here is his first article, outlining how to make a hard drive-less laptop useful again by installing Ubuntu Netbook Remix on USB key.

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7 tips to become a better gamer

Wonder how you can increase your headshot count?  Curious about how to get better at handling a controller?  Need help being able to make that turn without crashing?  Here are 7 tips to help you become a better gamer.  Special thanks to WrothChild for the article suggestion!

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