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Wednesday Rant: Final Fantasy

This week’s Wednesday Rant takes a look at where the numbered Final Fantasy series went wrong.

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Wednesday Rant: One step forward, two steps back

This week’s Wednesday Rant examines what happens when video game sequels screw things up that were previously right (or easily fixed, rather than completely scrapped.)

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Wednesday Rant: The current gen

This week’s Wednesday Rant takes a look at the stagnating current generation of game consoles.

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Wednesday Rant: Random Ramblings

This week’s Wednesday Rant is a bit different.  Instead of focusing on a single topic, it randomly shifts around.

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Wednesday Rant: Product Placement

This week’s Wednesday Rant takes a look at product placement. Read More »

Wednesday Rant: Unskippable content

Metroid: Other M has unskippable (and horribly long-winded) cutscenes.

This week’s Wednesday Rant looks at unskippable content in video games.

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Wednesday Rant: Saving in video games

This week’s rant covers design choices in regards to saving your game.

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Wednesday Rant: Needless usage of motion control

The Sidewinder Freestyle Pro: Microsoft's late 1990's attempt to take the legendary Sidewinder controller and make it worthless.

This week’s Wednesday Rant covers needless motion controls in modern games.

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Wednesday Rant: Fanboys and video games

This week’s Wednesday Rant covers the topic of video game fanboys.

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Wednesday Rant: DLC

This is the first entry in a new feature here on Living With a Nerd:  The Wednesday Rant.  Each week, we will present a rant on a different topic (and, if things go as planned, sometimes from different authors!)  This week’s entry is a rant by myself about DLC practices.

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