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Skyrim now available to pre-load on Steam

With less than 40 hours to go, Skyrim is now available for pre-loading on Steam. Download it now, so you can be ready to unlock the files and start playing as soon as Friday rolls around!

Serious Sam HD Double Pack on sale!

On the left, we have the original version. On the right: the HD remake. Quite a difference, eh?

Steam has the Serious Sam HD Double Pack on sale this weekend for only $7.49!  If you’ve never played either Serious Sam game, this is the perfect opportunity for you to do so.  No other games do outlandish weapons, slap-nuts funny comedy, or hordes of enemies better than Serious Sam.  As evidenced above, the HD remakes are more than just a simple upconversion on the visuals…all of the art has been completely redone.  Just think: this insanity can be yours for the cost of lunch!

Greed: Black Border mini review

While not quite as good as Alien Swarm, Greed: Black Border is still a fun game reminiscent of the Crusader series.

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Why PC gaming culture is booming

huge lan

Despite the problems with PC gaming we explored in our previous article, PC gaming culture has exploded over the last decade. We take a look at why.

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