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Potential ambient alternatives to Skyrim’s soundtrack

One of my hobbies is matching up different albums and songs with different games. This mix and match effort has often been a resounding success, with certain combinations being granted  a very prominent place in my memory. Skyrim, like the previous Elder Scrolls games before it, is poised to have an incredible soundtrack that will make crypts seem darker, mountains seem taller, and the winds seem colder. Even though I plan on playing through the majority of the game while listening to the music included with Skyrim, I thought it would be fun to find some external music that works well with the game.

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Why we won’t be reviewing Skyrim

Skyrim reviews are going to be a dime a dozen once the game launches, so rather than do the same thing as everyone else, we here at Living With a Nerd are going to take a different approach: we’re going to be keeping extensive notes while playing, and will be putting together short stories based on our experiences in-game. The stories will be written from the perspective of our character, and will range from epic battles to hiking through mountains at dusk.

Since Elder Scrolls games tend to affect people on a deep level that a normal review can’t describe, we feel this would be a great way to show what Skyrim is capable of doing, and what it’s like to actually play it. In an effort to keep spoilers to an absolute minimum, we will be restricting these stories to things that we do on our own; we will omit any and all reference to the main plot, and we’ll also do our best to avoid describing any of the major sidequests.

Because Living With a Nerd is just a blog run by a couple of married nerds, we don’t have any early access to games. We buy them just like you do, and don’t get to play them until you do. We’ll do our best to get the first of the stories cranked out and put up on the site within a day or two of Skyrim’s release, but it may be up to a few days until after release before you see anything on here. After all, we’ll have to try to pry ourselves away from it long enough to actually write!

11/11/11 is almost upon us, fellow gamers. Get any outstanding work completed, finish off any other games you may be playing, and prepare to kiss your free time goodbye.

Reasons we’re excited for Skyrim

Skyrim is now about 10 days away, and like many of you, we’re starting to get extremely excited. Let’s look at the things that make Skyrim such a big deal.

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