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Mass Effect 3: The end of an era

Countless lives have been lost in a battle that has raged across the galaxy. Alliances have been formed, enemies have been made, and the final battle looms. In just a few days, Bioware will deliver their conclusion to a trilogy that has truly blurred the lines between video game and narrative.

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Tron Legacy

The long-awaited sequel to Tron has finally been released to theaters.

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Infinite Space


Infinite Space is easily one of the biggest Nintendo DS games ever released (from a game length perspective)…but is it a good game?  Read on to find out.

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avatar screencap screenshot still james cameron cgi na'vi realistic map

James Cameron’s long awaited sci fi epic Avatar has finally been released to the masses.  Does it live up to the hype?  Click through to find out.

Note: There are no plot spoilers within, as this review focuses primarily on Avatar from a technical standpoint rather than the film itself. 

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The Fourth Kind

Conveying the dread and sheer horror of an alien abduction is a difficult task. The Fourth Kind steps up to the plate and knocks this one out of the park. If you have never been fearful of abduction, you will be after seeing this film.

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