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Classic Mondays: Deadlock

In this week’s Classic Mondays feature, we take a look at the 1996 turn-based strategy PC classic Deadlock: Planetary Conquest.

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Good Lord, Hard Reset can be beautiful sometimes

After plinking away at it for the past month, I finally finished Hard Reset tonight. The storyline is creative (if presented a bit hamfistedly), and the voice acting is atrocious…but the gameplay? Intense, fun, and challenging.

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Zombies and 17th century Mars

A good buddy and I started going through Dead Rising 2 together over Steam recently. It plays out much as you’d expect: a near mirror-image of Dead Rising, with some of the rougher edges finely honed to a smooth curve. The implementation of co-op has been well done, allowing the seamless inclusion of an additional person in the campaign mode without disrupting the base gameplay or story. Surviving the hordes of zombies (which have been greatly increased over the first entry) is much easier with a friend, and the experience of tearing through a huge crowd together is borderline therapeutic. If you know someone else that’s even remotely interested in killing zombies, I highly recommend you spend some time together with this one…the requirements on the PC are quite low, and my average mid-range gaming PC is able to smoothly play it with everything on maximum.

I also recently started to go through Jamestown, a bullet-hell shmup unlike any other you’ve ever played. Shmups are no strangers to oddball concepts, but Jamestown is on an entirely different level, taking place in an alternate timeline where Mars is a British colony being overrun by the Spanish and indigenous Martians. Did I mention that it takes place during the 17th century? Suffice it to say, Jamestown is insane. Between unlockables (obtained by money you collect in-game), different ships, a gauntlet mode, and up to four-player co-op on the same PC, it’s well worth your money.

Nitpicking The Witcher 2

Steady your nerd rage, because I’m about to nitpick The Witcher 2 after only a few hours of gameplay.

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Classic Mondays – Total Annihilation

Every Monday, we’re going to take a short look at a classic game that redefined, embodied, or perfected a genre.  This week, we revisit Total Annihilation.

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With clear inspiration from games like Braid, Trine, and Super Metroid, Capsized threatens to crush your hopes for survival.

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Will new consoles help or hinder PC gaming?

Last year, we posted a series of articles that examined the state of PC gaming and its related culture.  Since that time, even fewer PC exclusives have found their way to market, with PC gamers widely blaming the rapidly aging hardware in consoles.  I pose a question: will new consoles actually help PC gaming at all?

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The Witcher: Enhanced Edition

Looking for a bleak, mature action-RPG on the PC?  Look no further than The Witcher.

Note: This review is primarily going to focus on the experience of playing through The Witcher.  If you want to read up on the story, check out Wikipedia.

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Need for Speed Underground 2

Released just as the tuner craze was starting to wane, Need for Speed Underground 2 is still super fun.

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Why PC gaming culture is booming

huge lan

Despite the problems with PC gaming we explored in our previous article, PC gaming culture has exploded over the last decade. We take a look at why.

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