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Barnes and Noble Nook update

Picture acquired from Engadget (as evidenced by the watermark.)

Looks like Barnes and Noble already knew what I wanted.  Today, Barnes and Noble announced a new e-ink Nook, complete with a touch-enabled e-ink screen, redesigned exterior, a more intuitive GUI, vastly extended battery life, and other general improvements.  I don’t like the fact that the Kindle’s slivers have been emulated for the page-turn buttons, and I’m not entirely sold on the Samsung Galaxy-style border, but other than those minor points, this seems like a great upgrade to the original Nook.  I’m going to be hanging on to my first-gen Nook, since I love it too much to get rid of it, but this new version looks like it’s a winner.  Priced at $139, it won’t break the bank either.  In case you prefer the stylings of the the original Nook, it has been granted a price drop to $119.

How I’d like to see the e-ink Nook updated

It’s looking more and more likely that Barnes and Noble’s e-reader announcement on May 24th is going to be related to the e-ink equipped Nook.  I absolutely love mine, although it does admittedly have some shortcomings.  Here are some things I hope to see B&N change (and some things I hope they keep the same).

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New B&N Nook incoming

It looks like Barnes and Noble is set to reveal a new e-reader on May 24th.  Whether it’s going to be an update to the original e-ink equipped Nook or the Nook Color isn’t clear yet, but one thing’s for sure: we will be quivering in anticipation at the prospect of new hardware.  Brittnie and I own an original Nook and a Nook Color, and we absolutely love both of them.  Adding another device to our ever-expanding gadget family is an exciting prospect indeed!