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A visual guide to Ambient music

Interested in how an ambient track gets put together?  Here’s but a small glimpse at what’s involved in creating this intricate and beautiful music.

Note: You can listen to (and download!) my currently available tracks for free at Last.fm, and as a torrent.

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Top 5 music/video game combinations

Just like in movies, music can play a huge role in establishing atmosphere and the general “feel” of a video game.  Highly talented people laboriously craft music to fit a game’s atmosphere…however, sometimes external music sources are the way to go.

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We are now on last.fm!

You can now listen to our music on last.fm! We haven’t completely filled out the artist page yet, but as new tracks are finished they will be accessible on there.  Please add us to your library and play at least one track…we won’t show up in search results until enough people have listened!

New music track!

The first track of our Lost on the Way to the Laundry project has been completed.  This track really sets the tone, and hopefully the rest of the project will turn out as good.  Enjoy!


P.S.  Hopefully, the redesigned music page will be appearing sometime this week, although it may get pushed into next week.