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A Serbian Film

A Serbian Film is possibly the biggest troll in cinematic history; it’s so blatantly over the top, it can only be described as a stylized cinematic version of the “Aristocrats” joke.

Note: this article isn’t NSFW in and of itself, but the topics it covers could be considered as such. No spoilers inside.

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Despite its “us vs. them” mentality, Unthinkable tackles the topic of torture in a neutral and thought-provoking manner.

Note: I purposely try to keep politics off this website as much as possible, but this film is too good to not talk about.  If you are going to engage in a political discussion in the comments, please keep it civil and respectful.  Differences of opinion and even heated debates are encouraged, but blatant trolling and asshattery are one way tickets to the spam folder.

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Tron Legacy

The long-awaited sequel to Tron has finally been released to theaters.

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Julie & Julia

julie and julia poster

Sometimes you just want to watch a guilt-free, entertaining, and hilarious movie.  Julie & Julia is a great choice for just such an occasion.

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Black Jack

black jack anime cover

Featuring the famous doctor by Manga/Anime legend Osamu Tezuka, Black Jack was a notable entry in the mid 90′s anime revolution.

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The Evil Dead (1981)

the evil dead bruce campbell sam raimi horror screenshot poster

The fifth and final entry in our Week of Horror series is The Evil Dead, a horror film from 1981 that launched the careers of Sam Raimi and Bruce Campbell.

Note: Minor spoilers ahead.  Some NSFW images inside

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The Ice Harvest


Directed by film legend Harold Ramis, The Ice Harvest is a great movie for the holiday season.

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Aqua Teen Hunger Force Colon Movie Film for Theaters


Aqua Teen Hunger Force has always aired in 15-minute episodes.  How well does the show work as a full length feature film?  Click through to find out.

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Rainy Day Movie: Metropolis

Rainy Day Movie is a new feature here on Living With a Nerd.  These will be short insights into movies that you should save for a rainy day, so that you can spend time after viewing to reflect on what you have just experienced.  For the first Rainy Day Movie entry, we will be taking a look at the classic film Metropolis.

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Perfume: The Story of a Murderer

Perfume is one of the best movies you have likely never seen.  With a great cast, amazing acting, an interesting storyline, and some of the “dirtiest” and grittiest images ever put on film, Perfume belongs on every movie lover’s shelf.

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