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Avatar DRM issues

Apparently, the DVD and Blu-Ray versions of Avatar are having some widespread DRM issues.  I’ve been telling friends and my family to wait for the inevitable double-dip edition anyway, since this one is just a barebones disc with no making-of featurettes or anything special, but it looks like we now have one more reason to do so.

If you missed it, you can read our review of Avatar here (the review was written based on the 3D theater version).

He must be getting too old for this shiznit

Today’s link of the week is rather personal for me.  Although I work for a different company, I work in same building that Sodexo’s corporate headquarters are, located in Gaithersburg, Maryland.  Yesterday, there was an SEIU protest outside the building…and guess who got arrested?  Danny freakin’ Glover.   Naturally, it occurred on my day off -_-;;

The coming week

We are going to be out of town for a while, so there won’t be any updates to the site again until April 1st.  We’ll see you then!

The link of the week for this week is from Ars Technica.  In the aftermath of France’s new three-strike rule, peer-to-peer use is down but overall piracy is up.

Scientists may have broken a law of physics

In this edition of link of the week, scientists believe they may have broken a law of physics.  Crazy stuff!  physorg.com has the story.

Record Labels: Change or Die

This is the start of a new feature here on Living With a Nerd.  Every Saturday, we are going to offer up a link of the week.  For this first Link of the Week, we offer up to you one of the best articles written in quite a long time about the music industry and how important it is that it changes with the times.  It’s a bit long, but take the time to read the whole thing; very worth it.  You can check it out on Gizmodo here.