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Rainy Day Movie: Man, Woman, and the Wall

man woman and the wall Kikareta onna no mirareta yoru cover

Rainy Day Movie is a feature here on Living With a Nerd that provides short insights into movies and series that you should save for a rainy day.  In this edition of Rainy Day Movie, we take a look at the unique and at times graphic Japanese movie Man, Woman, and the Wall.

Note: Major character spoilers ahead, however no plot spoilers ahead

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Basilisk manga: a mini-review

 basilisk manga cover

Ninja and ancient Japan are common themes in manga.  Basilisk is one of the best in the genre.

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Perfect Blue…the perfect anime?

Sometimes, an anime comes along that changes all the rules.  Conjuring up unsettling images that provide the viewer with a sense of intense dread, you don’t just begin to identify with the main character; you actually find yourself becoming a part of her plight, wondering when “they” will get you.

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