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White iPhone 4 available tomorrow

If you’ve been holding your breath all this time for a white iPhone 4, you can finally breathe easy: the white iPhone 4 will officially release around the world tomorrow.  For my fellow Americans, GSM (AT&T) and CDMA (Verizon) flavors will be available.  Everything about the white iPhone 4 is the same as the black iPhone 4, with the exception of the color. 

Anyone with an iPhone 4 planning on ditching it for a white one?

iPhone on Verizon now official

Picture obtained from Engadget

It’s finally official, folks!  At 11:07 AM Eastern time, Verizon unveiled the CDMA iPhone 4.

I’m more of an Android guy myself, but I’m all for competition.  Hopefully, this will not only ignite a price war between AT&T and Verizon, but will step things up between Apple and the various Android manufacturers.  Either way, we the people win!

iCorner #1: Halloween Edition

Our own AndreasL presents the first in a series of articles that cover iPhone/iPod Touch apps.

Google Nexus One review

google nexus main

Our resident gadget fiend has spent some time with Google’s first officially branded phone. How does it fare? Click that continue link to find out.

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