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Does a good story matter? Part 2

The debate over whether a good storyline matters in video games is one that has gone on for quite a long time.  In the first of two articles, we looked at some games whose experience directly hinged on having a great story.  However, in this second article, we explore some video games that provide amazing experiences with little or no story at all.

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5 more games to play with your significant other


Gaming together is extremely important to a healthy, nerdy relationship.  Not only will it help interest them in your hobby, but it will also allow them to keep their cool when you go on a marathon gaming session.  If they get used to gaming, then they will have their own marathon sessions to get into during yours.  They may even introduce you to games you never thought to play!  So, now that you have determined that you want to play games with them, what are some good games to try out?  Here is a list of 5 more games you should play with them (a continuation of this previous article.)

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5 Games to Improve Your Reaction Time


Tired of getting destroyed in fighting games?  Want to be able to get a headshot whenever you please, instead of when you get lucky?  Wishing you could beat Contra without the Konami code?  Here are five games you should play to help improve your reaction time and overall control.

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