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Scars mini-review

scars cover

Warren Ellis and Jacen Burrows team up once again for this amazing comic steeped in violence and some ol’ fashioned police work.

Note: minor plot spoilers ahead, although nothing that will ruin the main storyline for you is revealed

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Singularity 7


Written and illustrated by the extremely talented and always entertaining Ben Templesmith, Singularity 7 explores what happens when one person is granted nearly limitless power.

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Black Hole

Written and drawn by Charles Burns, Black Hole is like a bad LSD trip combined with a nightmare.  With a distinct drawing style and interesting characters, Burns grabs your attention from the first page and doesn’t let go.

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Desolation Jones

Have you ever read a comic that you felt got better as it went on, and when you reached the end you were ready to go out and buy the next trade…only to find that what you hold in your hand IS the only trade?  Desolation Jones is one of those comics.

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Asterios Polyp: a mini-review

Imagine if I Heart Huckabees and The Celestine Prophecy didn’t bathe in their own existentialism, and instead they both just…well, just “were”.  That’s Asterios Polyp. Read More »

Pride of Baghdad


The horrors and loss from the wars fought by man are always told from the perspective of man.  However, during the 2003 bombing of Baghdad, a zoo was accidentally hit by some of the shells pounding the once beautiful city.  Pride of Bagdhad tells the story of a small pride of lions attempting to survive on the streets and outskirts of the war torn capital of Iraq.

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I Kill Giants…a review

Every so often, a beautiful but simple story comes along that must be done in comic form in order to harness its true potential.  I Kill Giants is a perfect example of this kind of story.

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