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Plague Tea, Batarians, and Time Travel! Oh my!

I was pretty sick last week, hence the lack of updates on the site. It felt like it was a cold on steroids…definitely not the flu, but still quite nasty. It wasn’t until late Friday that I was feeling well enough to do some gaming, but I did a TON of it over the weekend.

I started up Mass Effect 2 again so that I could complete a playthrough with my Female Renegade Shepard (I’ve got 13 hours and 54 minutes on the savegame) Even though it’s been two years since I wrote it, my original review for ME2 still represents my opinion today. I find this to be quite interesting…I figured I would view the game differently now, but that’s apparently not the case.

On Friday, I also got started on making an additional dent in our 2012 backlog by loading up Chrono Trigger when I wasn’t sleeping or playing ME2. I’ve got a little over 10 hours on it, and just beat the Guru on Mt. Woe. It’s really odd: I’m trying to go through it as if I were the age I would have been when it was first released (I would have been 11), and it’s really cool, but I feel like Final Fantasy VI and Secret of Mana/Evermore were better (which I was busy playing when Chrono Trigger originally released, hence why I didn’t play it back then.) Don’t get me wrong, I really like (love?) the game, it’s just that it hasn’t been the earth-shattering experience I’ve been told to expect. Maybe it’s because I don’t have any nostalgia attached to it? ::shrug:: Who knows. It’s definitely good though, and I look forward to going through it again at some point after I finish it. Ironically, it gave me even MORE appreciation for Radiant Historia, which quickly became one of my favorite games of all time.

Over the course of this week and the coming weekend, I hope to finish off both ME2 and Chrono Trigger, paving the way for more backlog goodness. Hmm…perhaps L.A. Noire will be next? We’ll see!

Five games in 24 hours

Pop quiz clock from thinkgeek.com

Is it possible to finish five high-quality games in only 24 hours?  Indeed it is!

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Will new consoles help or hinder PC gaming?

Last year, we posted a series of articles that examined the state of PC gaming and its related culture.  Since that time, even fewer PC exclusives have found their way to market, with PC gamers widely blaming the rapidly aging hardware in consoles.  I pose a question: will new consoles actually help PC gaming at all?

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Balance your gaming

Having trouble balancing your time between all the games you want to play?   Here are some tips to help you out.

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Getting your partner interested in certain genres

Trying hard to get your partner interested in a certain genre of gaming?  Perhaps this story of Brittnie’s new-found love for Marvel vs Capcom 3 will help.

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Unless you’re some crazy amazing FPS gamer, playing a shooter online can destroy your confidence.  Here’s some tips on how to forget about your score and just have fun.

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Wednesday Rant: The current gen

This week’s Wednesday Rant takes a look at the stagnating current generation of game consoles.

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The psychology of a player character

It's thinking time!

With games presenting emotional dilemmas to players now more than ever, how (and why) do we choose what actions to take?

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Apple iPad review

Our resident gadget guru OutstandingO shares his thoughts on Apple’s iPad.

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Gaming on a netbook


Got a low-powered netbook, like a Dell Mini 9 or an EEE PC?  Want to use it for gaming?  Here are some tips and suggestions for doing just that!

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