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Five games to play while watching a movie

It’s Friday night, and you’re cuddled up with your spouse on a couch (or, in our case, a CozySac.) You’ve got a stack of Netflix, a beverage, something to eat, a blanket, and some pillows.  You’re all dug in and ready for a movie marathon…but a small twinge suddenly makes you want to game.  What can you possibly play while simultaneously paying attention to whatever film you’re watching?

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Pokemon Black and White

The latest pair of Pokemon games have been loosed upon North America’s shores.  Are you ready to catch ‘em all…again?

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iCorner #1: Halloween Edition

Our own AndreasL presents the first in a series of articles that cover iPhone/iPod Touch apps.

How to play DOS games on your modern machine

Our very own AndreasL gives a short tutorial on how to use DOSBox.

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5 Games to play during the Winter season

With the Winter season around the corner here in the northern hemisphere, you might be looking for some games to keep you busy during the slow Winter months.  Join us as we take a look at games that just seem to be better when there is snow falling outside your windows.

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Violence in Videogames


The debate rages on concerning violence in videogames.  Some question why it exists, while others argue that censorship sucks and adults should be freely allowed to consume whatever type of entertainment they desire.  I, however, have a different theory.  Let’s take a look at the game Manhunt as an example.

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