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Diablo III: Report card for the first ten days

With most (but not all) of the big connection issues worked out, the first and second set of hotfixes released into the wild, the inevitable hacking of accounts, and ten days passing since release, it’s high time we offered up our report card on the current state of Diablo III.

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Diablo III: The first 15 hours

In the three days since Diablo III was unleashed upon the world, I’ve put just over 15 hours into it. Here are some initial impressions that build on what I saw in the open beta.

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Diablo III: and so it begins

After having downloaded the game client last week and installing it last night, my journey into the world of Diablo III began this morning before I left for work. I was able to log in and create my character with no problems, although I ran into a slight issue with v-sync. For some reason, it was capping my FPS at 30. The solution was to turn off v-sync, and just use the foreground limiter…it’s been running at a solid 60 FPS ever since.

In a game as big as this one, rather than doing a full-blown review, I’ll be periodically posting my thoughts and experiences. So far, my impressions with the open beta still apply to the full release.

My first toon is a female monk. Her name? DirtyMonkey. Natch.

Here’s five games to whet your hack ‘n’ slash appetite during the final countdown to Diablo III.

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Diablo III open beta impressions

Welcome back, old friend! I almost didn’t recognize you.

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Diablo II turns ten years old today

On June 29th, 2000, things would never be the same (and I would lose a girlfriend over a videogame.)  Ten years ago today, Diablo II was unleashed upon the gaming world.  Let’s take a walk down memory lane, shall we?

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