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Die Monster Die!

The very essence of H.P. Lovecraft comes alive on-screen in this 1960’s horror classic.

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The Alien Saga

Featuring insights into all four films and narrated by the legendary John Hurt, The Alien Saga offers an inside glimpse into one of film’s most terrifying science fiction series.

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Today, we explore how to get the most out of playing a scary video game.

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Dead Space 2

As a followup to one of the best survival horror games in years, does Dead Space 2 have what it takes to mess with your dreams and make you sleep with the lights on?

Note: Some potentially NSFW pictures of Necromorphs inside.  Other than that, no spoilers!  Also, please note this review is for the Steam-based PC version of the game.

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Session 9

What do you get when you combine a “second” family, a slow pace, a super creepy setting, and a “hey, don’t I know that guy?” cast?  You get Session 9, that’s what!

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Dark Mirror

In the mood for something creepy, but want to be able to sleep easy after watching it?  Dark Mirror is just what you’re looking for.

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Although it appears cliche at first, Pandorum is one of the best scifi/horror films in recent memory.

Note: minor spoilers ahead

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A Haunting

a haunting discovery channel title

There are many TV shows that explore stories of paranormal encounters, but A Haunting on Discovery Channel is one of the better ones out there.

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Rainy Day Movie: Man, Woman, and the Wall

man woman and the wall Kikareta onna no mirareta yoru cover

Rainy Day Movie is a feature here on Living With a Nerd that provides short insights into movies and series that you should save for a rainy day.  In this edition of Rainy Day Movie, we take a look at the unique and at times graphic Japanese movie Man, Woman, and the Wall.

Note: Major character spoilers ahead, however no plot spoilers ahead

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Slave of the Cannibal God (1978)

mountain slave of the cannibal god cover

The second entry in our Week of Horror series is Slave of the Cannibal God, a 1978 Italian film starring none other than Ursula AndressRead More »