Rather than the usual “Classic Monday” article, we’ll be posting up thoughts on today’s Brown v. EMA Supreme Court decision. Look for that article to replace this notice sometime later this evening, once we’ve had a chance to read through the Slip Opinion. If you’re interested in reading the 92-page PDF, you can find it right here.

EDIT: Well, nevermind.  Folks around the Internet have done a far better job than I could possibly hope to do in regards to covering this case.

  • Giant Bomb offers up some of the tastier excerpts from the opinion put out by the SCOTUS.
  • Ars Technica covers the decision, and provides a reaction on the two dissenting opinions.
  • SCOTUSblog continues their long-running tradition of quality analysis for those who are better-versed in¬†legalese.
  • Kotaku throws their hat in the ring with their own thoughts.

Props to the Judges that admitted in their written opinions that, even though they do not support (and at times abhor) violent video games, the California law was far too broad as it was written.