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Dragon Age II revisited

Upon finishing Mass Effect 3, I decided to load up Dragon Age II (note that this was not inspired by the recent news that Bioware is officially done with Dragon Age II; it ended up being a happy coincidence of timing.) The review I wrote shortly after DAII launched still holds true today, almost word for word. The only exception to this is the DirectX 11 problems, which have long since been hammered out. Now, the game positively sings on my 560ti running at 1920 x 1080, with all of the graphics options spiked and the hi-res pack enabled.

As a sequel, Dragon Age II was rather disappointing. When taken as its own independent experience however, it’s actually quite an enjoyable game. Give our original review a read, then go and load up another trip into Kirkwall; I think you’ll be pleasently surprised at what you find.

Mass Effect 3: The end of an era

Countless lives have been lost in a battle that has raged across the galaxy. Alliances have been formed, enemies have been made, and the final battle looms. In just a few days, Bioware will deliver their conclusion to a trilogy that has truly blurred the lines between video game and narrative.

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Mass Effect 3 delayed…should you be worried?

I generally favor game delays, so long as the extra development time is used to squash bugs and provide a more polished experience.  However, according to Joystiq, EA revealed in an earnings call that Mass Effect 3 has been delayed to Q1 2012 because Bioware is “adjusting some of the gameplay mechanics and some of the features that you’ll see at E3 that can put this into a genre equivalent of shooter-meets-RPG, and essentially address a far larger market opportunity than Mass Effect 1 did and Mass Effect 2 began to approach.”

While it’s clear that Mass Effect 2 shed some of its RPG depth in favor of a more action-oriented experience, it wasn’t necessarily a bad move.  Traditional loot and weapons systems were missed, but removing those aspects did indeed help tackle some of the main points of contention in the first game (as evidenced by my Mass Effect 2 review.)  Of course, this is akin to euthanizing a dog because it has bad breath, when instead you should just brush its teeth.  The question is, how much further can the RPG side of a Mass Effect title be diluted while still retaining its status as an RPG?  I sincerely hope that tweaks are being made on the action side to better compliment the RPG side, rather than at the expense of traditional role playing game elements.  You already took out some of the RPG elements so you could tweak the action side of things, Bioware (or EA…after all, we don’t know whose call this was); now that you have the action nailed down, why don’t you concentrate on bringing the RPG stuff back in a way that’s both accessible and multifaceted?

Time will tell, I suppose.  What are your thoughts?

Dragon Age II

Just like Mass Effect 2, Dragon Age II has been streamlined and simplified when compared to its predecessor.  Also like ME2, DAII is an excellent game in its own right.

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EA & Bioware piss on Dragon Age II players

Our Dragon Age II review will be up early next week (spoiler: we freakin’ love it), but it looks like EA and Bioware have a rapidly growing PR disaster on their hands.  Not only does the software include SecuROM despite previous assurances that it wouldn’t, but it looks like a forum user got temporarily banned for criticizing Bioware and EA.  As a result, he couldn’t authenticate the game until those 72 hours were up (the game is linked to your Bioware account…if your account is banned, then you obviously can’t use it to authenticate the game.)  We’ve already gone over how DRM contributes to the slow death of the large-release PC gaming market, but a forum member getting a temp ban and not being able to activate the product he legally bought and paid for sets a horrible precedent.

If there’s a better example of a legit customer being treated like a felon, I’ve never heard of it.  This is a major step backward for both EA (who, in the past few years, seemed to be redeeming themselves somewhat) and for Bioware (who, as a company, seem to have fallen from grace.)  Get your crap together, EA/Bioware.  This kind of malarky shouldn’t be happening.

Dragon Age II demo impressions

Back in October of 2009, just before the release of Dragon Age: Origins, we did a short article on why you should be excited about it.  Now, a mere four days before the release of Dragon Age II, I’m going to go over what I liked about the demo and what I didn’t.

Note: This refers to the PC version.  I have no experience with the console version of either Origins or Dragon Age II, so YMMV.

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Mass Effect 2


The second entry in the Mass Effect trilogy has finally arrived.

Note:  No plot spoilers ahead, although game mechanics and certain nuances are discussed which some might consider spoilers.  This review covers the Xbox 360 version.

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Dragon Age


Dragon Age is finally upon us. How does Bioware’s latest hold up? Click through to find out. (No plot or NPC spoilers are contained within this review)

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6 reasons to be excited about Dragon Age Origins

Only a mere 14 days away, Dragon Age Origins is almost upon us.  Wonder what all the hoopla has been about?  Here are 6 reasons why you should be excited about  the forthcoming epic from Bioware.

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