Aliens Infestation

With the Nintendo DS at its end of life, gamers have been blessed with an atmospheric Metroidvania-style love letter to the Aliens franchise.

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Logitech N315 and M310 review

My 13" 2006 Macbook sitting on the Logitech N315, paired with a Logitech M310 mouse.

I finally got around to installing Steam onto my Macbook, which means I’ll be spending more time on the couch when it comes to light gaming. Not wanting to be stuck with an overheating lap and a trackpad unfriendly for gaming, I decided to pick up an N315 lapdesk and an M310 mouse.

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Signed copy of Blamimation Season 1

I just got my signed copy of Blamimation Season 1, to go along with my signed copy of PATV Season 1. Not only did it come signed, but it also came with a map of Rivenshyre, home of Flindell and Kadath. It’s too late to get a signed copy now, but you should still order it…the Blams are totally worth your money.

eBay time again

We’ve got some items up for auction on eBay again, ranging from Manga, to books, to video games for three different systems. Check out what we have up! We have a rating of 147 at 100%, so you can buy from us with confidence :)

Dungeons and Dragons Campaign, night 11

This is the session log from the eleventh night in a custom Dungeons and Dragons campaign I’m a part of.

Be sure to read our previous campaign sessions.

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Netflix price increase: why so serious?

I don’t understand why everyone is so up in arms over Netflix’s minor price increases…we pay far less than we would for cable, and we have MUCH more control over what we watch. Think about it: for about the same cost as purchasing a single DVD, you can get an unlimited number of DVDs mailed to your house, AND you can stream tens of thousands of movies, tv shows, and documentaries to the majority of the modern electronics you own. When you step back and look at what you’re getting, it’s a great deal.

Besides, I like supporting Netflix; they provide access to a lot of really hard-to-find stuff…sometimes, they’re the only legal way to obtain certain titles. Specifically, their collections of silent films, anime, foreign classics, and documentaries are second-to-none.

For you folks who weren’t members when Netflix first started to offer streaming services, compare the service now to how it used to be: you were limited to a certain number of “streaming hours”, they didn’t offer HD streaming, had only a couple thousand titles available, and offered no subtitles.

Now, their streaming options have exploded in number, they offer HD, they are working on adding subtitles to streaming content (which they are making slow but steady progress on), and are adding new titles every week. Their infrastructure costs must have skyrocketed in the past year or two…we own about 600 DVDs, and the cost of ripping them all to a RAID large enough to hold them is prohibitively expensive. I can’t even begin to fathom how much it costs to run the constantly expanding streaming service Netflix is offering, especially when you take licensing costs into consideration.

So yeah. Given the improvements they’ve made (and continue to make), I say a minor price increase is a valid thing for Netflix to do. Frankly, I’m surprised it didn’t happen sooner.

EDIT: I know this won’t affect everyone, but Netflix certainly isn’t resting on its laurels. It looks like Netflix will be coming to the 3DS as early as tomorrow.

Zombies and 17th century Mars

A good buddy and I started going through Dead Rising 2 together over Steam recently. It plays out much as you’d expect: a near mirror-image of Dead Rising, with some of the rougher edges finely honed to a smooth curve. The implementation of co-op has been well done, allowing the seamless inclusion of an additional person in the campaign mode without disrupting the base gameplay or story. Surviving the hordes of zombies (which have been greatly increased over the first entry) is much easier with a friend, and the experience of tearing through a huge crowd together is borderline therapeutic. If you know someone else that’s even remotely interested in killing zombies, I highly recommend you spend some time together with this one…the requirements on the PC are quite low, and my average mid-range gaming PC is able to smoothly play it with everything on maximum.

I also recently started to go through Jamestown, a bullet-hell shmup unlike any other you’ve ever played. Shmups are no strangers to oddball concepts, but Jamestown is on an entirely different level, taking place in an alternate timeline where Mars is a British colony being overrun by the Spanish and indigenous Martians. Did I mention that it takes place during the 17th century? Suffice it to say, Jamestown is insane. Between unlockables (obtained by money you collect in-game), different ships, a gauntlet mode, and up to four-player co-op on the same PC, it’s well worth your money.

Insane rally in Rockstar’s Table Tennis

Rockstar’s Table Tennis remains one of the best local co-op experiences of this generation, something we proved last night with an insane rally. I’m sure there’s been much higher rallies recorded in the years this game has been available, but 365 was the highest I’ve seen in person. I wish I could claim it was mine, but it wasn’t…the back-and-forth was won by a buddy of mine.

Nitpicking The Witcher 2

Steady your nerd rage, because I’m about to nitpick The Witcher 2 after only a few hours of gameplay.

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At the theater: South Park

I was in 8th grade when South Park premiered on TV in 1997, and like many other kids my age, I was immediately hooked.

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