Games you may have missed: Startopia


We all know they are out there. Games that we never heard of or played, but we should have. In the first of a multi-part series, we will focus on a game that hardly anyone I know has actually heard of, much less played: Startopia.

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Best games to play while your companion is asleep

It’s 1:30 at night, and your fellow gamer has passed out. You really want to play a game, but it needs to be quiet and it needs to not have sudden flashes and such.   So what is out there that fits the bill? Computer games are tough because of the typing/clicking from the mouse.  However, console games tend to be much quieter when it comes to the controllers, thus making them a smarter choice.  Below is a list of four games that are perfect for you to enjoy while your playmate is sawing wood and you don’t want to/can’t use headphones.

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Top 5 video games to play with your significant other

fGrim Fandango

So your girlfriend/boyfriend finally agreed to play video games with you instead of watching or doing something else. Awesome! But…what games do you choose now that they have agreed to play with you? The following list is comprised of games that you two will be able to enjoy together.


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The new Living With a Nerd

Welcome to the new Living With a Nerd!  It’s going to be a day or two before this starts looking proper and the old content is available.  Our personal blogs are still available at