Let me dry you off…WITH MY PANTS!!!

Too often, narratives are cut short.  It seems that shows and story lines that deserve to be told and expanded upon are wrecked, destroyed in their prime.  Such was the fate of Clone High.  I remember watching each episode as it aired back in 2003.  Having graduated high school in 2002, it appeared at the perfect time in life; a time in which I no longer experienced the situations portrayed, yet a time in which the situations portrayed were still fresh memories in my mind. 

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Violence in Videogames


The debate rages on concerning violence in videogames.  Some question why it exists, while others argue that censorship sucks and adults should be freely allowed to consume whatever type of entertainment they desire.  I, however, have a different theory.  Let’s take a look at the game Manhunt as an example.

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Movie Review: The Haunting in Connecticut

Horror film cliches are overused nowadays due to the lack of original and interesting concepts.  The Haunting in Connecticut is, unfortunately, a film that could have functioned very well within just the story and the idea of what was going on, but instead was filled with scene after scene of groan-inducing cliches.  It’s a real shame, because there are some moments of horror movie brilliance that rank up there with the big boys (Suspiria, House by the Cemetary, Jacob’s Ladder, etc.)…but they are almost overshadowed by uninspired and unoriginal scares.

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Change your pants: Undying

Undying Cover

Clive Barker is a legendary writer and director, known for his macabre and eldritch stories.  Barker’s works have not been limited strictly to film and literature, however…some of his stories have found their way into video games. Clive Barker’s Undying ranks up there as one of the scariest games of all time.

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Games from my childhood: Crusader No Regret


Massive explosions?  Check.  Spider bombs?  Check.  Enemies reduced to cinders?  Check.  Isometric viewpoint of the carnage?  Check.  Looks like you’re playing Crusader: No Regret.

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HTC Ozone Review

HTC has created what is quite possibly the best Windows Mobile 6.1 device ever conceived. With the HTC Ozone (known as the HTC Snap on Sprint), HTC has crammed a massive amount of function into a rather small amount of space.

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4 Games you can complete in under 15 hours

Space Shuttle Sonic Boom

Previously, we looked at 5 great games from the current generation that can be easily completed in 10 hours or less. Now, in the second of a two part series, we examine four games from the current generation that can be easily completed in 15 hours or less. “Current Generation” means the game was released for the 360/PS3/Wii, or was released on the PC after Christmas 2005. For the purposes of not taking forever to decide which games to cover, I have omitted any PSN or Xbox Live games from this list as well.

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5 games you can complete in under 10 hours


You love to play video games, but you just don’t have as much time to invest in them as you used to. Which modern games can you complete in a reasonable amount of time? In the first of a two part series, we examine five games that can be completed in under 10 hours.

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Games from my childhood: Secret of Mana

Secret of Mana

Every nerd has a handful of games from when they were young that hold a special place in their heart. For me, the game that brings about the warmest memories is Secret of Mana.

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Games you may have missed: Little Nemo

Little Nemo

We all know they are out there. Games that we never heard of or played, but we should have. In the second installment of a multi-part series, we will focus on an extremely difficult game that I loved as a little kid (and still do today!)

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