25 random music tracks

Due to a complete lack of creativity, I decided to do the popular “use shuffle on your MP3 player and take note of the first 25 tracks that appear” thing. While I wrote up a short paragraph for each track when I did this before, I decided to just post the list this time, along with the appropriate genre listed at the end of each line. Here’s to hoping you discover some new tunes out of this little experiment:

1. “Healing”, from the album “Eat People 3″, by Alex Mauer. #Chiptunes
2. “Singularity”, from the Half-Life 2 soundtrack #Random Electronica
3. “The Isness”, from the album “The Isness”, by Amorphous Androgynous #Chill/Experimental
4. “Somewhat Damaged”, from the album “The Fragile (left)”, by Nine Inch Nails #Industrial Electronica
5. “Monkey”, from the album “Sixteen Stone”, by Bush #90′s Alternative
6. “Ancient Chozo Ruins”, from the Metroid Prime soundtrack #Ambient/Electronica
7. “Plum Island”, from the album “Cydonia”, by The Orb #Electronica
8. “Decency Defied”, from the album “The Wretched Spawn”, by Cannibal Corpse #Death Metal
9. “Wedding Nails”, from the album “In Absentia”, by Porcupine Tree #No Idea
10. “The Wards”, from the Mass Effect soundtrack #Electronica
11. “Beast of the Beast”, from the album “Portable Immortal”, by Immortal Technique #Rap
12. “Refractor [Version 3.2.1]“, from the album “Disengage”, by Circle of Dust #Industrial
13. “Forty Six & 2″, from the album “Aenima”, by Tool #Tool…they don’t really have a genre
14. “Der Uberlebende”, from the album “34.788%…Complete”, by My Dying Bride #Experimental Metal
15. “Creatures that Kissed in Cold Mirrors”, from the album “Midian”, by Cradle of Filth #Black Metal
16. “The Hills Have Eyes”, from the album “Dopethrone”, by Electric Wizard #Stoner/Doom Metal
17. “Intimate Slavery”, from the album “Prowler in the Yard”, by Pig Destroyer #Grindcore
18. “I.O.U.”, from the album “Old World Underground, Where Are You Now?”, by Metric #Metric…they don’t really have a genre
19. “Sunrag”, from the album “Croqel”, by Phlogiston #Chiptunes
20. “Gods of My World”, from the album “Empiricism”, by Borknagar #Power/Black Metal
21. “humanOid”, from the album “pSy-fI”, by zerO One #Electronica
22. “Ground Zero”, from the Quake 2 soundtrack #Riff-driven
23. “Crimson Wave”, from the album “Am Universum”, by Amorphis #Experimental Metal
24. “Ride”, from the album “In Silico”, by Deepsky #Electronica
25. “Date With Destiny”, from the album “Mind Elevation”, by Nightmares on Wax #Chill

No Classic Monday entry today

Rather than the usual “Classic Monday” article, we’ll be posting up thoughts on today’s Brown v. EMA Supreme Court decision. Look for that article to replace this notice sometime later this evening, once we’ve had a chance to read through the Slip Opinion. If you’re interested in reading the 92-page PDF, you can find it right here.

EDIT: Well, nevermind.  Folks around the Internet have done a far better job than I could possibly hope to do in regards to covering this case.

  • Giant Bomb offers up some of the tastier excerpts from the opinion put out by the SCOTUS.
  • Ars Technica covers the decision, and provides a reaction on the two dissenting opinions.
  • SCOTUSblog continues their long-running tradition of quality analysis for those who are better-versed in legalese.
  • Kotaku throws their hat in the ring with their own thoughts.

Props to the Judges that admitted in their written opinions that, even though they do not support (and at times abhor) violent video games, the California law was far too broad as it was written.

Toy Story/Starcraft II mashup

Our good friends over at EpicBrew.net have put out an epic mashup between the StarCraft II trailer and Toy Story footage.  Check it out below, it’s well-worth your time:

Disgaea DS initial impressions

After having missed the original as well as the PSP remake, I’m finally getting around to playing the DS version of Disgaea. I’m familiar with the game world, and I played the everlovin’ heck out of the Prinny games on the PSP, so I pretty much knew what to expect from a style point of view…but even still, this is one crazy fun game.

Offering up more challenging fare than Final Fantasy Tactics or Valkeryie Profile, the variety and depth of Disgaea is only outdone by its amusing narrative and surprisingly deep characters. The visuals are great, and having a simple map displayed on the top screen of the DS makes movement much easier on crowded maps with a lot of varied terrain heights.

From what I’ve read, seen, and heard, there’s the potential for hundreds of hours worth of gameplay, depending on how much of a completionist you feel like being. With only a handful of hours under my belt, I know I’ve barely scratched the surface of what Disgaea has to offer, but I get the feeling I’m going to try to take this one all the way to the end. I really dig what it has to offer, and I highly recommend you check it out on any of the systems it has been released for. If you play it on the DS though, just make sure you turn off the spoken dialogue…the English voices are absolutely horrid, and unlike other versions of the game, there’s no way to switch it over to Japanese.

Lord of the Rings LCG

While we originally intended to continue with our DnD campaign last night, one of our players couldn’t make it. Instead, we played the Lord of the Rings Living Card Game.

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Dungeons and Dragons delay

Sorry folks, it looks like the continuing story of Belt, Svenn, and Rhoderic will have to wait…one of the people in our gaming group will be unable to make it this evening, so our Dungeons and Dragons adventure will continue next week instead of tonight. However, we’re going to be spending some time with the Lord of the Rings Living Card Game, so I’ll be writing up my impressions on that. We will also likely discuss our post-DnD plans, which will include various card games and a Shadowrun campaign organized by our very own Rhoderic. Stay tuned!

A moment of silence

Last night, we had a thunderstorm pass over us. We live on the third floor of an apartment building, and have a fairly large overhang on top of our balcony. Because of the way everything is lined up, you can stand on our balcony without getting wet at all (so long as there aren’t torrential downpours, that is.) I love thunderstorms, so I turned off and unplugged our computers, turned out all the lights, and went outside for a better view of the electric action.
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I’ll just leave this here

Dungeons and Dragons night returns

After all this time waiting, our Dungeons and Dragons game is going to start back up tomorrow night!  As usual, I’ll be handling the play-by-play, then uploading the session log on Thursday morning.  In case you haven’t yet read about the adventures of Belt, Rhoderic, and Svenn, you can do so right here.

Aside from NBA Jam and Street Fighter II, my brother and I spent more time playing this game than any other.

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