You can now listen to our music on! We haven’t completely filled out the artist page yet, but as new tracks are finished they will be accessible on there.  Since we are now on, there will be a minimal amount of music available on this page to help cut down on bandwith usage.  If you want to see all our music that we currently have available for download, listen to our music on…everything we have on there is free to stream and free to download.  Oh, and please be kind enough to add us to your library.  Thank you!



Lotwotl is the first completed track in our Lost on the Way to the Laundry project. It sets the tone for the whole project, and we are really proud of it. It gives us warm, happy feelings of nostalgia :-) Sit back, relax, and enjoy!  As more Lost on the Way to the Laundry tracks are complete, they will either become available here or on our page.


We are also currently working on a spacey ambient project entitled The Transient Unknown.  It is best to listen to tracks from The Transient Unknown in a quiet, relaxed environment.  Since it’s being mixed with headphone users in mind, we highly recommended that you use headphones for maximum enjoyment.  Below, you will find the tracks we are making available on this page for now.  If you want to see the rest of the tracks currently available on The Transient Unknown, visit out page.

Light Horizon

A telescope located on the dark side of the Moon has sent back pictures that show the edge of the observable universe from Earth.  The entire planet erupts in a chorus of joy and excitement, as the date when the pictures will be revealed quickly approaches.  Finally, the pictures have finished being processed and the grand day arrives.  The public learns that at the edge of our observable universe is…

Omicron Ceti

Swim along with cosmic whales through the vast emptyness while you listen to their radiation-based communication.  Your ship has been outfitted with equipment to pick up on this radiation, and transform the information into sound.  Be careful not to get too close to them…they aren’t as gentle as you may think.

Cold Signals

Follow a signal through the bitter cold of space, as it travels from your outpost to the receiver located way back home.  Along the way, you will encounter gravity wells, supernovas, and various other anomalies until the signal has finally reached its destination.