Our own AndreasL presents the first in a series of articles that cover iPhone/iPod Touch apps.

Welcome to the first issue of iCorner! Here’s where I talk about the coolest, funniest, or free-est iPhone and iPod touch apps. Since Halloween lurks around the corner I figured this first issue would be about the best Halloween/Monster games. Let’s get started…


Minigore is just an awesome game. You run around, trying to survive by killing furry little animals with your Uzi, shotgun or grenade launcher. It has some pretty cool graphics and it features the voice of Egoraptor, famous on the internet for his “awesome series“. You can also make your own soundtrack from songs on your iPod! Although I experienced low FPS on my iPod touch 3G, this is an amazingly fun game and well worth your money.

Two joysticks to control movement and aiming makes the game easy to control.

You can unlock new characters with real money, or with the game's "kills" currency.

Minigore links:

Monster Dash

Sure there are a lot of automatically-running-and-all-you-do-is-jump-games on the iPhone, but Monster Dash is quite a bit different…Not only do you run and jump, but you can also shoot down zombies, mummies or vampires that’re standing in your way! There are also plenty of power-ups like an Uzi, tazer, revolver, machine gun-jetpack and a motorcycle. You won’t get bored of the same scenery because for every 1000m you run, the game changes; it progressively gets harder and harder.

These on-screen controls work perfectly!

Monster Dash links:

Super Mega Worm

What fits better on a list about monster games than a huge man-eating worm? Even though it borders on being pointless, it’s very enjoyable to eat/shoot people in this pixel world. Your mission is basically to kill (either by eating or shooting a laser, yes LASER). If you don’t kill anybody you will lose health. The graphics are old-school and just great, I love the intense blood and gore as well!

Super Mega Worm links:

Monster Mayhem

Monster Mayhem is a castle-defense game like no other. There’s a never ending line of different enemies/weapons/upgrades and levels. You’ll have a great time playing this because it will never end and you don’t want it to end! It looks, sound and plays very nice. I’m especially happy to talk about this app since I got it for free by “liking” the app store on Facebook!

You can unlock and upgrade all of the weapons multiple times.

The animations are exceptionally well done.

Monster Mayhem links:

Infect them all

Infect them all is a very basic game: you’re a zombie in a room full of different people and your mission is to turn them ALL into Zombies! When you’ve killed one person he becomes a Zombie, and will start hunt for human brains with you. Next thing you know, you have a zombie army! Like Monster Mayhem, you can upgrade things such as health, defense, speed etc. I’ve only played the lite version so far and it is awesome! One thing that I didn’t like was that at default the controls are set to tilt, and I’m not a big fan of tilt controls so I looked at the options and yes, you can switch to a D-pad!

Before I started killing everyone...

...and after everyone tunred into brain-dead ZOMBIES!

Infect them all links:

I Hope you enjoyed this list of monster games and the first iCorner issue!  Happy Halloween!