The entire first season of Hey Ash, Watcha Playin’? has been available on DVD for some time now.  How well does this low-budget show translate from the computer screen to the small screen?  Hit that link to find out.

Note: I was not approached to write this review or endorse HAWP, Once Upon a Pixel, or Destructoid in any way.  I am just a huge fan and am trying to get them some more exposure.

Hey Ash, Watcha Playin’? is an Internet show started by Anthony (of Destructoid fame) and Ashly Burch which generally shows them (and some of their friends and their father) acting like fools in short skits inspired by video games (with some scenes inspired by movies.)  This is a highly polarizing show, placing people firmly into one of two camps: those that love it and think it is comedic genius, and those that hate it.  I am in the camp that loves it and thinks it is comedic genius.  Most of the series is viewable on GameTrailers, however if you want the proper HAWP experience you need to buy Season One on DVD.  Just a note: the pictures in this article are random things I found on Google image search, and are not indicative of the quality seen on the DVD.

ash hawp tf2 pyro

Included is every episode and special video featured in the first season, as well as extras like a commentary track, bloopers, never before seen episodes, and more.  I’m not sure about the cover, but the DVD menus were designed entirely by fans.  The interaction and importance that the HAWP creators place on their fanbase is a huge plus to me.  The community isn’t as vibrant as the Pure Pwnage community was back in the day, but it is still a healthy and thriving place worthy of your precious time.


The menus are easy to navigate, and the sound quality of the DVD is fantastic.  The disc itself is just a burned DVD-R, and the cover looks like it was printed on a low-quality color laser printer, but I feel this adds to the “guerrilla” and underground feel of the product.  Upon watching this enjoyably low-budget Season 1 DVD, it becomes apparent that they used higher quality equipment to record the show than I previously thought.  The picture is extremely clear (if not slightly orange/yellow tinted) when watching on an upscaling DVD player hooked up to a 720p flatscreen.    Despite the budget packaging, this is a well put together disc.


I’m quite happy that they got a DVD out there for fans like me to purchase and support them with.  In our household, HAWP is as big a deal as Zero Punctuation, Pure Pwnage, and the other top internet shows out there.  The second season is underway, and they are working hard on their other show Once Upon a Pixel (featuring artwork by Ashley Davis).  Be sure to check them out, and buy Season One of Hey Ash Watcha Playin’? on DVD.


Thanks Anthony, Ashly, and all the other folks working on HAWP, Once Upon a Pixel, and Destructoid; my household salutes you.