It’s Friday night, and you’re cuddled up with your spouse on a couch (or, in our case, a CozySac.) You’ve got a stack of Netflix, a beverage, something to eat, a blanket, and some pillows.  You’re all dug in and ready for a movie marathon…but a small twinge suddenly makes you want to game.  What can you possibly play while simultaneously paying attention to whatever film you’re watching?

Please note that, with the exception of one PC/Mac based game, this list is comprised of handheld titles.  This is due to handhelds being much easier to wield while on a couch, but it certainly doesn’t mean PC/Mac games are off limits.  If you know of one that should be on here, please let us know in the comments section.

Also note that I left out any reference to MMOs, because that would be too obvious a choice :)

Civilization Revolution, multiple systems

 Hands down, the best multiplayer game you can play during a movie marathon is Civilization Revolution.  The turn-based nature of the game allows you to look up at the TV whenever you want to, without fear of messing anything up.  Also, since some Civ Rev games can take upwards of a few hours to finish, you’ll be able to spread out one Civ Rev game across multiple movies.  For a long time, we never sat down to watch a movie without first loading up Civ Rev.  This one also made it on to our “Five favorite multiplayer DS games” list.

Speaking of our five favourite multiplayer DS games list…

Advance Wars, GBA/DS

The Advance Wars series, like Civilization Revolution, allows you to look up away from the game at any time you choose.  Doing so allows you to shift your focus whenever you please, ensuring you don’t miss out on any good parts in the movie you’re watching.  Like Civ Rev, some Advance Wars games can take quite a while to finish, making them a good choice for extended movie marathons.

Final Fantasy Tactics, multiple systems

While just about any turn-based strategy or RPG would work well for this situation, Final Fantasy Tactics rules the roost.  The in-depth battles take quite some time to finish, and dialogue in the game is relatively minimal (at least when compared to more conventional RPG fare.)  In theory, pretty much any turn-based RPG will work, but I personally find the Final Fantasy Tactics series to be the best choice. 

Spore, PC/Mac

The earlier levels in Spore aren’t very conducive for playing while watching, however the space stage is almost perfect.  Expanding your empire, establishing trade routes, and terraforming planets is a huge time sink…what better time to do it than while you’re watching Lawrence of Arabia?

Dragon Quest IX, DS

Success in Dragon Quest IX requires you to grind, grind, and grind some more.  Leveling and re-leveling your party members can take a massive amount of time, and although the game is a lot of fun, it can get repetitive at times.  However, if you’re set on seeing the title to its completion, grinding for metal slimes while watching a movie is a great idea.  Find yourself a good spot, make sure you’ve stocked up on supplies, and grind away.

These have been just a few suggestions to get you started.  What games do you like to play while watching movies or TV?