Our Dragon Age II review will be up early next week (spoiler: we freakin’ love it), but it looks like EA and Bioware have a rapidly growing PR disaster on their hands.  Not only does the software include SecuROM despite previous assurances that it wouldn’t, but it looks like a forum user got temporarily banned for criticizing Bioware and EA.  As a result, he couldn’t authenticate the game until those 72 hours were up (the game is linked to your Bioware account…if your account is banned, then you obviously can’t use it to authenticate the game.)  We’ve already gone over how DRM contributes to the slow death of the large-release PC gaming market, but a forum member getting a temp ban and not being able to activate the product he legally bought and paid for sets a horrible precedent.

If there’s a better example of a legit customer being treated like a felon, I’ve never heard of it.  This is a major step backward for both EA (who, in the past few years, seemed to be redeeming themselves somewhat) and for Bioware (who, as a company, seem to have fallen from grace.)  Get your crap together, EA/Bioware.  This kind of malarky shouldn’t be happening.