This is the session log from the ninth night in a custom Dungeons and Dragons campaign I’m a part of.

Be sure to read the previous sessions of our campaign.

When last we left our heroes…

The party has managed to kill a master vampire, and is taking a well-deserved rest.

The Characters

Belt, a beer-brewing dwarf who was previously in the military. (Played by me!)
Svenn, a soft-spoken elf mage. (Played by Mike)
Rhoderic, the Magistrate’s Paladin who investigates unauthorized use of magic (Played by Ian.)

Our story continues

The party is informed of child abductions that are occuring in an afluent neighborhood to the North of the capital.  Due to the timing and locations of the abductions, either an entire group of people are perpetrating the crime, or some form of magic is involved.  The party has a single lead: a child that was targeted the previous night managed to avoid being kidnapped.  The party heads out to the neighborhood, one populated by politicians, guild leaders, and other high-ranking members of society.  Upon entering the lead’s house, the party is invited up to the child’s room to interview him and find out what happend. The child says he was attacked by a scary monster from his closet, although it was too dark to actually see anything.  Lucky for him, one of his parents happened to be entering the room at the same time the monster appeared, causing the monster to flee back through the portal it had created in the child’s closet.

The party decides to set a trap: Svenn will use Change Self to make himself appear like a young kid, while Rhoderic and Belt hide in opposite corners of the room using their Shadow Cloaks.

A few hours after nightfall, the party notices that the room seems to be getting darker; even the light leaking in under the bedroom door seems to be dimming.  As the darkness envelopes the party, they hear the closet door slowly creaking open.  At this point, the room has become so devoid of light, even Belt’s Darkvision becomes useless. Svenn feels something brush his leg, and he girlishly screams “SOMETHING TOUCHED MY LEG!!!” Upon hearing this, Belt attempts to slam the closet door shut, but there is resistance from whatever thing is stretching out from the closet.  Svenn casts light, which cascades around the shadowy tendrils that seem to leak from parts unknown inside the closet.  Rhoderic attempts to cast Dimensional Anchor on the whispy shadow eminating from the closet, but misses.  Belt finally manages to shut the door by severing the tendril.  The portion of the tendril stuck in the room fades away, while unholy noise can be heard from inside the closet.  Ripping the door back open, the closet has become a web of deep shadows, impossibly dark and seemingly infinite.

Belt hurls his crowbar into the closet, and although no sound is heard, the crowbar continues traveling well past where the back of the closet should be.  Svenn casts flame arrow, and shoots it into the darkness.  The party watches as the arrow flies, its flame slowly getting smaller…but somehow, it doesn’t light up anything around it, not even the shadowy web.  It eventually goes out, without having hit anything.  The party decides to take the risk, and steps into the darkness. As they move into the shadows, it feels like the air is solidifying around them. The only direction that doesn’t cause resistance is straight ahead, so that’s the way they go.  A low rumbling growl is heard, as their adversary (a Darkweaver) finally reveals itself.

Four of the Weaver’s tendrils strike Belt, rocking him; one of them almost grabs him, but he successfully escapes.  In retaliation, Belt lands a blow with his greataxe. Svenn lets off four magic missiles, while Rhoderic attempts to hit the creature with his sword. The tendrils whip out again, striking Svenn, while also grabbing him.  Belt smacks the monster with his greataxe, but misses on his second attack.  Svenn manages to escape the tendril, and moves behind Belt and Rhoderic (“Why did I move up front in the first place?”). Rhoderic strikes out, and kills the Darkweaver (“Your shadow has just been revoked!”)

As the nightmarish creature fades, the party turns back towards the portal that had opened in the child’s closet.  With the death of the Darkweaver, the portal begins to close.  The party quickly decides that they have to stay, in the hopes of finding the other missing children.  The portal closes, and the party turns around, ready to face whatever the Shadow Plane can throw at them. 


That about wraps it up for night nine.  This was a short but intense night.  As the DM described the closet door creaking open, I suddenly felt five years old again; the thought of battling the Dreamweaver on its own plane was terrifying in my imagination, much less being STUCK on the Shadow Plane.  (It also gave me the itch for a Call of Cthulhu campaign!)  While we defeated the creature, there was a point where things were starting to look a bit worrysome.  Luckily, we managed to pull ourselves together and take it out.  Once again, Rhoderic dealt the killing blow.  Pretty soon, we’re going to be able to write a “Rhoderic’s Greatest Killing Blows” compilation!

Starting with this night, we’ve decided to switch our DnD nights to Wednesday, so expect to see new session logs appearing on Thursdays, rather than Tuesday.  Whenever this campaign (sadly) ends, I’m going to condense all of the logs down into a single document and post it on Scribd. I hope you enjoyed reading about our ninth night as much as I enjoyed playing it!