This is the session log from the eighth night in a custom Dungeons and Dragons campaign I’m a part of. 

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When last we left our heroes…

The party has finally found the master vampire that haunts Broseph’s family, but before they are able to kill it, it turns into mist and phases through the ceiling of the crypt in Broseph’s castle.

The Characters

Belt, a beer-brewing dwarf who was previously in the military. (Played by me!)
Svenn, a soft-spoken elf mage. (Played by Mike)
Rhoderic, the Magistrate’s Paladin who investigates unauthorized use of magic (Played by Ian.)

Our story continues

After the ordeal in the crypt, the party decides to rest for a few days before setting out in search of the master vampire.  This vampire had been hunting Broseph’s family for generations, but was finally put down years ago with a stake through its heart.  Somehow, the stake was disturbed, and the vampire was able to regenerate and go back to its hunting ways.  In preparation for the hunt, the party is given some weapons on a temporary basis [we were expected to give them back after the hunt was over.]  Rhoderic is given a Holy Avenger Great Sword, Belt is given a Fire Brand Great Axe, and Svenn is given a Staff of Power.

After a couple of days, the party hears reports of ghostly lights being seen at night, crossing over the drawbridge of an abandoned castle.  Thinking there might be a connection, the party rides out to the village surrounding the castle, and begins asking around for clues.  They come to find out that, many years ago, a huge group of villagers had stormed the castle in search of someone they thought to be a vampire.  The entire group (nearly 200 in all) were wiped out by the creature. 

The party heads to the castle, only to find the metal portcullis shut tight (the wooden door behind it appears to be shut tight as well.)  After failing to find a way in, Svenn tells everyone to grab on to Belt while he casts levitate on him, raising the whole party up to the top of the control tower for the main gate.  After landing in the control room, the party cranks the portcullis winch until the portcullis is raised halfway, then engages the locking mechanism.  The party shoves some objects into the winch just in case the locking mechanism fails, then makes their way down into the courtyard towards a large set of doors.

As the party crosses the courtyard, a shadowy mist floats towards them and attacks.  They make quick work of the mist, and then move on through the front doors of the inner keep.  The main room has two staircases going up, and straight ahead is another door.  The party moves straight ahead, and spills out into a huge empty banquet hall.  Looking around, the party sees a set of stairs that leads down into a kitchen, which they move into.  Aside from rotting food and a huge hearth, there’s nothing but a closed door on one of the walls, and a trap door in the floor that likely leads to a root cellar of some sort.  The party gingerly opens the trap door…and three sets of eyes look back at them from the darkness.  Reacting before the enemy can even register what’s happening, Svenn fires off a quick fireball that torches the entire cellar as well as the three wraiths that were waiting in the darkness.

With the cellar clear, the party closes the trap door and turns around to open the closed door in the kitchen…only to find that the door is open.  Without warning, three vampires drop down out of the ceiling and attack the party.  Thanks to the weapons the party has been given, the three vampires are defeated with little effort.  Now that the kitchen is officially clear, the party goes through the open door, down a hallway, and into the kitchen servants’ quarters.  Unfortunately, the servants’ quarters aren’t empty…the room is filled with 8 wights.  Once again reacting before the enemy has a chance to even register that the party is there, Svenn lashes out with a massive lightning attack, which drops 6 of the 8 wights instantly.  The party cleans up the remaining two wights, finishes their search of the servants’ quarters, then move on to clear out the rest of the keep.

After clearing the rest of the rooms in the keep, the party fails to find the vampire’s location.  Still, a castle keep that’s been cleared of wraiths, wights, and lesser vampires is a job well done.  Since the sun is almost completely set at this point, and since there is still a lot of castle to explore, the party decides they should leave and come back in the morning.  They exit the keep, cross the courtyard, and open the massive main wooden door.  Just as they’re about to go past the portcullis, they see the eerie lights the villagers had told them about.  The party stands to the side to allow the ghostly villagers to pour into the castle, but just as the villagers start to cross the threshold, the master vampire make his dramatic entrance by exploding out of the middle of the courtyard ground, sending stones flying everywhere.  The party rushes forward and engages the master vampire, while the remaining undead, bats, dire rats, wolves, etc that were hiding in other parts of the castle clash with the ghosts of the villagers.

If we were using miniatures, this is a close representation of what the master vampire would have looked like.

The party manages to nearly kill the master vampire, when he turns into mist.  Thinking quickly, Svenn casts a wall of force to trap the master vampire in the center of the courtyard.  Undeterred, the master vampire shoots back into his coffin (which is now exposed, thanks to his explody entrance.)  Svenn snaps his normal staff (not the Staff of Power) in half, and hands one of the shattered pieces to Rhoderic.  Rhoderic positions himself over the coffin, and stabs the master vampire with the wooden shard.  The master vampire returns to its “dead” state.

As the fight between the ghostly villagers and the undead creatures winds down, the Wall of Force dissipates.  The party wrestles the coffin (with the “dead” master vampire in it) out of the ground.  Svenn casts a Tenser’s Floating Disc under the coffin, and the party leaves the castle.  They decide to take the coffin and master vampire back to the Bard school’s vault, where the master vampire can be properly studied and permanently disposed of.


That about wraps it up for night eight.  First, I’d like to give a big thanks to our DM who helped me out a lot with these session notes.  I didn’t take NEARLY good enough notes for this particular night, considering how detailed our dungeon (castle?) delving was. 

This was a very satisfying end to the two parter that started on night seven.  We fought a ton of creatures, got to explore an abandoned castle, and had an epic showdown at the end with the master vampire and his undead minions.  This final battle scene was the biggest we’ve engaged in yet…even though we personally only fought the master vampire, we were surrounded by hundreds of undead villagers fighting dozens of undead creatures in the middle of an abandoned castle’s courtyard.  Definitely cool stuff.

Check back here every Tuesday (or, in this week’s case, Wednesday) for the wrapup of what went down. When it’s all over, I’m going to condense all of the logs down into a single document and post it on Scribd. I hope you enjoyed reading about our eighth night as much as I enjoyed playing it!