This is the session log from the sixth night in a custom Dungeons and Dragons campaign I’m a part of.  Look for new entries every Tuesday (our sessions are on Monday nights.)

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When last we left our heroes…

The party successfully took down a rival magistrate, one who had attempted to frame the party in an effort to expand his power.  After a few weeks worth of rest, the party has already set out on its next assignment.  We join them on that quest, already in progress…

The Characters

Belt, a beer-brewing dwarf who was previously in the military. (Played by me!)
Svenn, a soft-spoken elf mage. (Played by Mike)
Rhoderic, the Magistrate’s Paladin who investigates unauthorized use of magic (Played by Ian.)

Our story continues

Our heroes are in a seedy back-room at a tavern, seated across from a thug boss they are trying to pry some information out of.  Behind them, the door is guarded by two largish looking thug brutes.  Despite the party’s best efforts, the negotiations break down, and the thug boss orders his underlings to attack.  Upon this order being given, Svenn whirls to face the two thug brutes by the door, and attacks them [it was either with a fireball or a magic missile, I honestly can’t remember…but I’m pretty sure it was a magic missile.]  Belt leaps over the desk, and engages the thug boss.  Rhoderic joins the fight against the two thug brutes by the door, and, working together with Svenn, takes both of them down.  Belt fells the thug boss with two mighty swings of his great axe, and the party cleans up the stragglers that make their way into the back room.

After the thugs have all been defeated, Rhoderic takes out the bounty book with the intention of pointing it at the thug boss.  As he does so, he discovers one of the pages has blood dripping from it.  Since the only way things appear in the book come from the master copy kept in the Magistrate’s office, the sight of blood flowing from the book doesn’t bode well for the party’s employer.  They rush back to the Magistrate’s office, only to find the door smashed in and all of the employees massacred.  The Magistrate himself is found slumped over a writing table, bleeding out onto the master copy of the bounty book.

Deciding it wouldn’t look good if they were found hovering over a bloody body (they were, after all, still covered in gore and blood from the fight at the tavern), the party turns to leave.  They are confronted by a couple of shadowy figures, who are escorting a physically and mentally imposing man.  The man formally introduces himself as a member of the elite group that constitutes something akin to a secret police force (they are formally known as the Department of the Interior, but they’re kind of like the Men in Black in that they don’t exist…they take on the jobs that no one else wants or can do, and they answer only to the Secretary of the Interior and the King.  Nobody other than those two figures hold authority over them.)  The party is informed that their actions have been watched by the Department for a long time, and they are formally “invited” [I say “invited” because we didn’t really have a choice] to join the Department.  They are brought deep into a highly secure facility, and undergo a short ritual making them official members.  They are given a ring (which has the ability to use the “Suggestion” spell, the ability to bind creatures, and a couple of other abilities), a cloak with numerous magical properties (including disguising the wearer, granting blur, and more), and full authority to do whatever is necessary to complete their assignments.

With the formalities out of the way, the party returns to the Magistrate’s office to investigate his death further.  They arrive to find a cleanup crew just finishing up; the party is informed that the Magistrate was killed by some kind of Demonic construct.  The party decides to return to the Bard school to see if the professor they were previously staking out has any knowledge of this beast (or if the school’s library has any information.)  As the party arrives at the Professor’s house, they find him running out the front door, screaming bloody murder.  Behind him, a 10-foot-tall demonic arachnid construct comes crashing through the front of his house, and engages the party.

Thinking quickly, Rhoderic binds the creature to their plane, preventing it from blinking away.  Belt swings at the creature, and it retaliates mightily by doing 30 points of damage to Belt.  Svenn attacks, waiting for Belt to get out of the way so he can let loose with a fireball.  The battle rages on, until Belt finally finds a way to distance himself from the construct.  Svenn rocks it with a well-placed fireball, staggering the demon.  Rhoderic finds himself in a position for a killing blow, and plunges his sword deep into the arachnid’s head.  (“It’s just been revoked!”)  The construct comes crashing down, crumbling into hundreds of pieces.  Belt rips one of the dagger-sized claws from one of the construct’s arms, wraps it in a piece of cloth, and puts it in his backpack to take back to the Department.  Meanwhile, Svenn has summoned an Unseen Servant to bury the remains of the construct, which the Department will dig up and take possession of at a later date.  While Belt and Svenn are cleaning up, Rhoderic is amassing the witnesses together, and uses the “Suggestion” ability of his fancy new ring to make them forget about what they saw. [Ian was making the same noise the rings in Captain Planet make while doing this.  It was epic.]

After their ordeal with the demonic construct, the party decides to rest for a few days.  While doing so, however, an emergency breaks out at one of the barracks.  Apparently, some of the men who helped fend off the beastmen that had charged the walls have fallen ill…REALLY ill.  Monsters have begun springing from the bodies of the soldiers who had gotten sick (“You realize now that this is how the beastmen reproduce”), and are savaging everyone inside the barracks.  The city has locked the barracks down, instituting a quarantine.  The party is instructed to get there as soon as they possibly can…the barracks have to be taken down, and the illness contained.  The government (and the population) can’t afford to allow the infection to spread, so this is to be accomplished by any means necessary.

After some brief discussion, the party decides to load up a small cart with some Alchemist’s Fire, have Svenn use a combination of Mage Hand and Unseen Servant to get the cart right up next to the barracks, then ignite the Alchemist’s Fire using an arrow that has been set aflame.  The Alchemist’s Fire goes off, engulfing the building.  As the fire spreads, the party begins to hear horrible noises coming from inside the barracks, as a few of the beastmen manage to rip their way through the slowly crumbling walls.  They are quickly taken out, and, not wanting to have to engage any other beastmen that are on fire, Svenn sends a fireball through one of the holes in the barracks’ wall.  It explodes inside the barracks, flash frying any remaining beastmen (and unfortunate people that were unable to get out alive.)  Innocent lives have been lost, but the illness has been contained.


That about wraps up night six.  Compared to last week’s session, in which we didn’t have a single combat roll, tonight’s session was mostly combat-oriented.  We completely OBLITERATED the guys in the tavern when the night first started, but the demonic arachnid construct presented us with some problems.  Our own Magistrate being killed was quite a shock, although we didn’t really seem to react to it very much.  It went something like this: “Magistrate is dead?  Wait…loot?”  Yeah…that was about the extent of it.  According to the DM, the dealie with the illness and the barracks was the jumping off point for the actual campaign, which it seems like will involve us taking the fight to the beastmen on the other side of the city wall.  They’re apparently massing together/planning something nasty.  Regardless of what it actually is, it seems like this will be the main focal point for the rest of the campaign. 

In the words of Ian (AKA Rhoderic), “With each session, this campaign keeps getting better and better!”  Hats off to our DM; you’re doing an awesome job :)

Check back here every Tuesday for the wrapup of what went down. When it’s all over, I’m going to condense all of the logs down into a single document and post it on Scribd. I hope you enjoyed reading about our sixth night as much as I enjoyed playing it!