This is the session log from the fourth night in a custom Dungeons and Dragons campaign I’m a part of.  Look for new entries every Tuesday (our sessions are on Monday nights.)

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When last we left our heroes…

The party had caught a man named Mickus Vickus, who ran a dog fighting ring.  The party still hadn’t managed to find the smuggler they were after, but decided they could go no further until they turned Vickus over to the authorities.  They have returned with Vickus (as well as the barrel containing heads from all the smugglers they had killed), have rested, and are ready to go beyond the city walls to continue their search.

The Characters

Belt, a beer-brewing dwarf who was previously in the military. (Played by me!)
Svenn, a soft-spoken elf mage. (Played by Mike)
Rhoderic, the Magistrate’s Paladin who investigates unauthorized use of magic (Played by Ian.)

Our story continues

After resting and visiting the Magistrate’s personal smithy for some new armor and weapons, the party travels back to the outer walls.   They are told that spotters will be watching in the general direction they are going, and all the party has to do is send up some kind of signal and the army will come running/start firing artillery.  A small group of rangers (who have experience exploring outside the city walls) have been tasked with temporarily joining the party, in an attempt to finally hunt down the elusive smuggler.  A massive rope is lowered, and the party begins their journey.

After a short hike, the party reaches the tree line of the forest.  They barely take a step into the forest when they’re attacked by a small group of beast men.  Belt slows them down temporarily with a mighty roar (Intimidate check, modified 16), while Svenn manages to scare a few of them off by casting Ghost Sound.  Without much effort, the party fells the rest of the beast men, and continue on with their journey.

They come upon a decrepit two story tower-like outpost, surrounded by decaying stone walls.  The gates are rusted and knocked over, and some stones are missing at various points along the walls.  Another group of beast men appear, this time led by one larger than the others.  The party runs through the knocked-down gate, and prepares to situate themselves for battle.  Svenn attempts to throw them off by casting Ghost Sound again (this time behind the wall of the compound), but the large beast man yells at the others.  It’s quite clear they are more afraid of the large beast man than they are of the noise, so they press on.  Belt decides to lift the gates up, and Rhoderic helps him out.  Svenn casts Hold Portal, in the hopes of holding the gates up long enough to kill the beasts.

A few archers appear at the top of the guard tower, and lower a rope for the party.  Svenn and the rangers scramble up the rope to join the archers at the top of the tower (“it’s quite clear these guys are bandits or smugglers.  An awkward glance passes between the archers and the rangers, then out to the beast men, then back to each other.”)  The archers and rangers start raining down arrows, and Svenn lets loose a volley of magic missile, acid arrow, and regular arrows.  The front door to the tower (which had previously been barricaded shut) flings open, and a handful of ragtag soldiers pour out and join the melee.

After a somewhat lengthy battle, the enemies are all slain.  The party is invited inside, and come face to face with the smuggler they have been looking for.  Within the tower is his entire family: children, cousins, and his extremely pregnant wife (“Her name is Preggo.”)  He explains that, once he became a wanted man, he knew he had to get his family out.  (“They escaped through the tunnel and expected reinforcements to join them soon, but they haven’t heard from the smuggling ring…you know, since you collapsed their tunnel and all.”  “…….oops.”)  His crimes, apparently, aren’t that devious; he was a small fish in the overall smuggling operation, and is wanted for “questioning”.  Between his small role in the smuggling operation and the fact that he took the risk of getting his entire family out, the party recognizes that he isn’t a bad guy, just a guy in a bad situation.  Upon a great suggestion, the party decides to take him back to the city in an attempt to convince the magistrate to let the man live, in exchange for using him as an informant.

The whole group packs up and prepares to travel back to the city.  As they travel, a horrendous noise shatters the otherwise quiet forest: what sounds like at least 100 beast men are charging their position.  The party starts moving as quickly as they can, as Belt starts blowing on his signal whistle and Svenn starts casting flares (I know it wasn’t “flare”, but I can’t remember the name of the actual spell) to get the attention of the spotters on the walls.  The subtle “thump” of artillery begins almost immediately, as the party breaks the tree line.  Wanting to make sure Preggo gets out safely, the mage hoists her up and uses Expeditious Retreat to book it for the city gate (“Should I cast Hold Portal on her, since she’s pregnant? This could get bumpy…”  Later:  “Man, all I could picture was Svenn bookin’ it with this pregnant chick over his head, with fire blasting out of her ass, Wile E. Coyote-style.”).  No longer burdened by the pregnant woman’s “dead” weight, the party is able to move much more swiftly.

An entire company of mounted soldiers pour out of the city gates, and gallop on their war horses at full speed towards the encroaching beast men.  The party manages to get close enough to the walls to escape the melee, as the beast men are hacked apart by artillery and the mounted soldiers.

After temporarily resting (“Preggo gives birth to a healthy baby.  Well done getting her back alive!”) the party visits the Magistrate.  After much talking, the party manages to convince the Magistrate to let the smuggler go free as an informant. (No one rolled higher than a 14 in our diplomacy check…we’re told that we will be responsible if the smuggler messes up.  Rhoderic rolls an 18 Intimidate check, letting the smuggler know what will happen if he disappoints us.)  


That about wraps up night four.  We got started about an hour and a half later than we normally do, so tonight’s game was rather short.  There wasn’t much story that went on, since a large chunk of the night was spread out over a couple of battles, but there were a TON of hilarious lines that came out.  Between casting hold portal on Preggo, the reactions of the beast men to Belt’s intimidate checks/Svenn’s ghost sounds, Rhoderic tripping up, Belt acting like a drunken fool, Svenn’s acid arrow melting the ground like Xenomorph blood …well, let’s just say that our table snacks tonight consisted of tater tots, corndogs, and Fosters.  Yeah…it was a fun night :)

Check back here every Tuesday for the wrapup of what went down. When it’s all over, I’m going to condense all of the logs down into a single document and post it on Scribd. I hope you enjoyed reading about our fourth night as much as I enjoyed playing it!