This is the session log from the eleventh night in a custom Dungeons and Dragons campaign I’m a part of.

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When last we left our heroes…

The party went further into the Shadow Realm, where they rescued a wagon filled with children, and stole a Prismatic Staff from a crazed elf named Lakost.

The Characters

Belt, a beer-brewing dwarf who was previously in the military. (Played by me!)
Svenn, a soft-spoken elf mage. (Played by Mike)
Rhoderic, the Magistrate’s Paladin who investigates unauthorized use of magic (Played by Ian)

Our story continues

After their stint in the Shadow Realm, the party takes a few months to analyze the Prismatic Staff they managed to snag, as well as do more research on the Shadow Realm and the city in general. They come to find out that the city acts as a giant magical capacitor, absorbing the spells and energy of all magic users that live within the walls. The party can’t seem to find any reason why this is the case, but it does explain why magic is such a touchy subject within the walls, as no one really knows how the city would react to widespread magic use. The party also discovers that the Prismatic Staff was originally owned by the same person that designed the city, implying that the nature of the city and the staff are somehow related, with the staff possibly acting as some sort of controller. The party theorizes that Lakost was attempting to unleash the power stored up in the city.

While continuing their analysis, an alarm siren begins blaring, so the party rides out to one of the watchtowers. Far off in the distance, near the furthest markers for the cannons on the walls, they see a moving object with a dust cloud behind it. Based on the distance and the size of the object, the city quickly concludes that it must be absolutely massive. Svenn sends his hawk familiar out to investigate. It takes a couple of hours for the hawk to arrive at its destination.

One of these, but FAR larger.

The object is an iron golem colossus, far larger than anyone manning the walls had ever seen. It’s determined that the golem is at least 80 feet tall, and, judging by its motion, looks to be remote controlled. The wallwatchers estimate that it should be within range of the cannons by morning.

The city wallwatchers and the party spend the night moving countless cannon balls into position, preparing to do battle with the massive construct. As it comes within range, the cannons begin to let loose, firing off more rounds than anyone can count. At the current distance, they do little damage, harmlessly pinging off the golem. The sound is deafening.

After many hours, the golem is finally close enough for the wallwatchers to get a better look. At decreased range, it’s clear that the cannonballs are finally having an impact, as dents and small cracks litter the golem’s surface. Once it closes to within 500 feet, Svenn decides to launch a fireball at it. The ball of flame streaks across the open field, but just as it’s about to impact the golem, the fireball disperses. The golem has some sort of barrier emanating from within its body, protecting it from magic. (Belt: “That a factory option?” DM: “Yes, it comes standard on all colossi.”)

The party uses the Prismatic Staff to put up a Prismatic Wall right in front of the golem.

  • The golem goes through the first color: saves, takes 10 fire damage.
  • The golem goes through the second color: saves, takes 20 acid damage.
  • The golem goes through the third color: saves, heals 13 due to electricity.
  • The golem goes through the forth color unharmed, as it is immune to poison.
  • The golem goes through the fifth color unharmed, as it is already stone.
  • The golem goes through the sixth color unharmed, as it is immune to insanity.
  • The golem goes through the seventh color: rolls a natural 20 on its saving throw, stays on the current plane of existence.

Svenn and Rhoderic begin frantically pouring over their collective knowledge gained over the past few months of study, while the golem moves ever closer to the city walls. Suddenly, they remember (spellcraft roll, modified 33) that the Prismatic Staff is supposed to be a controller for a larger object. Thinking back on how the city functions as a giant magical capacitor, Rhoderic holds up the staff, and shouts “SHABLAHGOO!”.

Light peels across the entire length of the outer city walls, as massive glowing runes appear. A series of intense lights fire towards the center of the city, then flatten out into a shimmering magical skin that engulfs everything within the walls. Just as the shimmering skin completes its formation, the golem gets close enough to bring its massive sword down. The huge weapon bounces off the shield, staggering the golem.

The whole time this has been going on, the cannons have been continuously firing. Taking advantage of their newfound opening, the guards manning the cannon let loose with their largest volley yet. Due to the close proximity to the golem, they manage to tear it apart, sending it crashing down to the earth.

The field dissipates, and the walls erupt in celebration. The party is immediately called back to the ministry, where they are instructed that they have to determine where the golem came from and who was controlling it. They’d already seen what it took to take down one golem, and they don’t want to have to face even more of them. The party also hands over the Prismatic Staff, as the Ministry wants to examine it thoroughly in an attempt to understand how the shield worked.


That about wraps it up for night eleven.  The massive colossus was wholly unexpected, and really threw us for a loop. After all, what do you do when faced with an 80-foot-tall lumbering iron construct?

We only have a couple more game nights left in this campaign, and then we’re going to move on to other things: LCGs, a Shadowrun campaign, and pretty much anything else we can think of. Between the four of us in the group, we have a TON of tabletop gaming stuff, so there certainly won’t be a lack of choice!

Our DnD nights are on Wednesday now, so expect to see new session logs appearing on Thursdays.  When this campaign (sadly) ends, I’m going to condense all of the logs down into a single document and post it on Scribd. I hope you enjoyed reading about our eleventh night as much as I enjoyed playing it!