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A Haunting

a haunting discovery channel title

There are many TV shows that explore stories of paranormal encounters, but A Haunting on Discovery Channel is one of the better ones out there.

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R.I.P Troy Dixon

troy dixon pure pwnage

A year ago today, Troy Dixon lost his life in a car crash.  Known for his stand-up and his work on Pure Pwnage, Troy was loved by those that knew him in person and those that knew him through Pure Pwnage.  R.I.P, Troy.  We miss you.

Here is a link to the last thing Troy did related to Pure Pwnage, recorded just days prior to his death.

Hey Ash, Watcha Playin’? Season One DVD


The entire first season of Hey Ash, Watcha Playin’? has been available on DVD for some time now.  How well does this low-budget show translate from the computer screen to the small screen?  Hit that link to find out.

Note: I was not approached to write this review or endorse HAWP, Once Upon a Pixel, or Destructoid in any way.  I am just a huge fan and am trying to get them some more exposure.

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‘Til Death Do Us Part

Til death do us part john waters

John Waters tended to stick with movies.  So what happens when he makes the move to television shows?  We get ‘Til Death Do Us Part (aka Love You to Death, in the UK.)

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South Park Season 13 review

south-park title

Last night marked the end of the 13th season of South Park.  While not the best season ever, it was certainly the best in the past couple of years.  Click through to read a short review of each episode from this season.

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Let me dry you off…WITH MY PANTS!!!

Too often, narratives are cut short.  It seems that shows and story lines that deserve to be told and expanded upon are wrecked, destroyed in their prime.  Such was the fate of Clone High.  I remember watching each episode as it aired back in 2003.  Having graduated high school in 2002, it appeared at the perfect time in life; a time in which I no longer experienced the situations portrayed, yet a time in which the situations portrayed were still fresh memories in my mind. 

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