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Five best movies on MST3K during the Joel years

Join us as we look at the five best movies riffed on by MST3K during the Joel years.

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My five favorite Nerdist Podcast episodes

Chris Hardwick’s Nerdist Podcast is easily one of the most entertaining podcasts out there today.  Featuring interesting and informative guests, I’ve found myself listening to the show on repeat at work for the past couple of months.  Here are my five favorite episodes!

Note: some minor NSFW language inside!

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Hey Ash, Watcha Playin’? Season Two DVD

Artwork by Brittany Langlois. Her work is amazing, be sure to check it out!

Season Two of Hey Ash, Watcha Playin’? has finally arrived on DVD.

Note: I was not approached to write this review or endorsed by HAWP, Once Upon a Pixel, or Destructoid in any way.  I’m just a huge fan!

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Wednesday Rant: Product Placement

This week’s Wednesday Rant takes a look at product placement. Read More »

Ugly Americans: our initial impressions

ugly americans cast

Four episodes of the new Comedy Central show Ugly Americans have now aired.  Everyone who has seen it has their own opinion…and here’s ours!

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Top five Sealab 2021 episodes

sealab 2021 cover

Exploring what happens when the crew of an underwater laboratory gets bored, Sealab 2021 is a hilarious animated series.  Here are our top 5 episodes.

Note: Spoilers

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Iron Chef Japan: one of the best shows evah!

iron chef main

A huge kitchen filled with the best cooking hardware and freshest ingredients available…world-class chefs creating original and inspiring cuisine…a “chairman” wearing some of the craziest outfits ever…  this is Iron Chef, and it’s one of the best shows ever created.

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Top five Aqua Teen Hunger Force episodes


Aqua Teen Hunger Force stands as one of the best animated shows in television history.  Here are our top 5 episodes.

Note: Spoilers

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Shaun the Sheep


Much like the rest of Aardman Animations works, Shaun the Sheep is hilarious no matter how old you are.
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A Matter of Loaf and Death

wallace and gromit a matter of loaf and death title

Utilizing traditional stop-motion animation and chock full of humor, A Matter of Loaf and Death continues the enduring legacy of Wallace and Gromit but with a slightly darker tone.

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