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Perfect Blue…the perfect anime?

Sometimes, an anime comes along that changes all the rules.  Conjuring up unsettling images that provide the viewer with a sense of intense dread, you don’t just begin to identify with the main character; you actually find yourself becoming a part of her plight, wondering when “they” will get you.

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Movie Review: The Haunting in Connecticut

Horror film cliches are overused nowadays due to the lack of original and interesting concepts.  The Haunting in Connecticut is, unfortunately, a film that could have functioned very well within just the story and the idea of what was going on, but instead was filled with scene after scene of groan-inducing cliches.  It’s a real shame, because there are some moments of horror movie brilliance that rank up there with the big boys (Suspiria, House by the Cemetary, Jacob’s Ladder, etc.)…but they are almost overshadowed by uninspired and unoriginal scares.

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