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Wednesday Rant: Product Placement

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Mega Shark vs Giant Octopus

What happens when you combine a bad script, made-for-TV CGI, overdone acting, and a ludicrous concept?  You get the perfect movie to watch on a stormy weekend afternoon.

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30 years later: Cannibal Holocaust

Considering we are a PG-13 website, this is the only picture from the film I feel comfortable posting. I'm not kidding.

30 years ago, Cannibal Holocaust was unleashed upon the world.  It went on to become one of the most controversial movies ever…no small feat, considering it came from the same country that gave us everything from Salo to Suspiria.  Hit the read more link for a look back at this blood-soaked classic.

Note: There are some story spoilers (not that you’d watch Cannibal Holocaust for the story, ha!)

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Top 5 great movies people love to hate

Some movies deserve every bit of hate that they get (I’m looking at you, Batman and Robin.)  However, there are some movies that are widely despised, yet I absolutely love.  Presented here are five such movies.

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Filmed like a play, Lo is an amazing movie that more people need to see.

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ThanksKilling mini-review

Made for under $3,500 and with a runtime of a little over an hour, ThanksKilling is ultra low-budget film making at its badly-acted best.

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Kick-Ass joins Akira, V for Vendetta, and other movies in proving that you don’t have to follow a comic closely to make a great film.

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Lucky Number Slevin

lucky_number_slevin poster

Combining an all-star cast, a fantastic script, and a decent dose of humor, Lucky Number Slevin isn’t your typical crime thriller.

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Repo Men

repomen poster

Not to be confused with Repo! The Genetic Opera, Repo Men is an entertaining story-focused film.

Note: Minor spoilers

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20 Years Later: Home Alone

Home Alone poster

That’s right; it’s been nearly 20 years since Home Alone was released.  Today, we’re going to take a look back at one of Macaulay Culkin‘s best-known roles.

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