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Five best movies on MST3K during the Joel years

Join us as we look at the five best movies riffed on by MST3K during the Joel years.

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The Last Lovecraft: Relic of Cthulhu

You don’t have to be an H.P. Lovecraft fan to enjoy this horror/comedy, but there’s plenty of tidbits for aficionados.

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Netflix price increase: why so serious?

I don’t understand why everyone is so up in arms over Netflix’s minor price increases…we pay far less than we would for cable, and we have MUCH more control over what we watch. Think about it: for about the same cost as purchasing a single DVD, you can get an unlimited number of DVDs mailed to your house, AND you can stream tens of thousands of movies, tv shows, and documentaries to the majority of the modern electronics you own. When you step back and look at what you’re getting, it’s a great deal.

Besides, I like supporting Netflix; they provide access to a lot of really hard-to-find stuff…sometimes, they’re the only legal way to obtain certain titles. Specifically, their collections of silent films, anime, foreign classics, and documentaries are second-to-none.

For you folks who weren’t members when Netflix first started to offer streaming services, compare the service now to how it used to be: you were limited to a certain number of “streaming hours”, they didn’t offer HD streaming, had only a couple thousand titles available, and offered no subtitles.

Now, their streaming options have exploded in number, they offer HD, they are working on adding subtitles to streaming content (which they are making slow but steady progress on), and are adding new titles every week. Their infrastructure costs must have skyrocketed in the past year or two…we own about 600 DVDs, and the cost of ripping them all to a RAID large enough to hold them is prohibitively expensive. I can’t even begin to fathom how much it costs to run the constantly expanding streaming service Netflix is offering, especially when you take licensing costs into consideration.

So yeah. Given the improvements they’ve made (and continue to make), I say a minor price increase is a valid thing for Netflix to do. Frankly, I’m surprised it didn’t happen sooner.

EDIT: I know this won’t affect everyone, but Netflix certainly isn’t resting on its laurels. It looks like Netflix will be coming to the 3DS as early as tomorrow.

At the theater: South Park

I was in 8th grade when South Park premiered on TV in 1997, and like many other kids my age, I was immediately hooked.

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At the theater: The Grudge

The Grudge may be a crappy movie, but my experience of seeing it in the theater was inexplicably insane.

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Rainy Day Movie: The Box

Rainy Day Movie is a feature here on Living With a Nerd that provides short insights into movies and series that you should save for a rainy day.  In this edition of Rainy Day Movie, we take a look at The Box, a suspenseful film with a sci-fi bent.

Note: Spoiler-free review! 

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The Alien Saga

Featuring insights into all four films and narrated by the legendary John Hurt, The Alien Saga offers an inside glimpse into one of film’s most terrifying science fiction series.

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Rainy Day Movie: Public Enemies

Rainy Day Movie is a feature here on Living With a Nerd that provides short insights into movies and series that you should save for a rainy day.  In this edition of Rainy Day Movie, we take a look at Public Enemies. 

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In defense of Uwe Boll

As you all know, I try to steer from controversy on here, but this is a topic I feel needs to be discussed.  Let’s do this.

Note: I’m aware that Boll has a lot of films under his belt that have nothing to do with video games (including 2009′s Darfur), but for the sake of this article we’re going to stick with his video game-based movies.

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Despite its “us vs. them” mentality, Unthinkable tackles the topic of torture in a neutral and thought-provoking manner.

Note: I purposely try to keep politics off this website as much as possible, but this film is too good to not talk about.  If you are going to engage in a political discussion in the comments, please keep it civil and respectful.  Differences of opinion and even heated debates are encouraged, but blatant trolling and asshattery are one way tickets to the spam folder.

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