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Is The Lawnmower Man still relevant 20 years later?

20 years ago, The Lawnmower Man presented a variety of moral conundrums and predictions about the use of technology. The question is, are those conundrums and predictions still relevant?

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Transatlantic Tunnel

Impressive special effects, large set pieces, and a keen eye for future technology are the highlights of this entertaining film from 1935.

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Prime Time (aka American Raspberry)

An unknown person takes over the TV airwaves, replacing all shows and commercials with hilariously offensive programming.

Warning: there’s some NSFW and potentially offensive content in this post.

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Die Monster Die!

The very essence of H.P. Lovecraft comes alive on-screen in this 1960’s horror classic.

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Black Death

A seemingly unstoppable plague has left a remote village untouched. It’s up to Sean Bean and Friends™ to find out what the heck is going on.

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Dark Shadows movie review

Tim Burton serves up a humorous love letter to gothic horror with a 1970′s sheen.

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Kung Fu Mahjong

What do you get when you combine martial arts, comedy, and an ancient Chinese game? You get Kung Fu Mahjong, that’s what.

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A Serbian Film

A Serbian Film is possibly the biggest troll in cinematic history; it’s so blatantly over the top, it can only be described as a stylized cinematic version of the “Aristocrats” joke.

Note: this article isn’t NSFW in and of itself, but the topics it covers could be considered as such. No spoilers inside.

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The Death of a Cinematic Tradition

Picture taken by Anomalous_A, originally uploaded to Flickr.

Brittnie and I have had a pair of free movie tickets sitting on the bookshelf by our front door for months. Last night, we pondered why they are still sitting there, collecting a sheen of dust, rather than being torn in half at our local movie theater.

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Planet of the Vampires mini review

What do you get when you film a movie with actors speaking four different languages, create some cheesy special effects that manage to capture the viewer’s imagination, and throw in some body suits that look like the X-Men movies and Biker Boyz got smooshed together? You get Planet of the Vampires, that’s what.

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