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AMD 6950/6970 finally revealed

The NDA has finally been lifted on AMDs newest video cards.  How do they compare to nVidia’s offerings?  You’ll just have to read on to find out!  Here’s a list of different reviews…take your pick:

Tom’s Hardware
Bjorn3D (6950 only)
Neowin (6970 only)
Guru 3D
Bit-Tech (6970 only)

Another Humble Indie Bundle!

Just like last year, a portion of the proceeds go to the Electronic Frontier Foundation and the Child's Play charity.

Last year’s Humble Indie Bundle took 5 excellent games, wrapped them up into a single package, then charged you whatever you wanted for it.  It looks like they’re at it again!  This time, the list includes Braid, Cortex Command, Machinarium, Osmos, and Revenge of the Titans.  Braid and Machinarium ALONE make this bundle amazing…I highly recommend you pick it up! (PS: do the devs a favor…put in at least $20, even though you can pay what you want!)

Anandtech reviews AMD’s latest offerings

Anandtech has a review up that looks at AMD’s latest CPUs, including the hexacore Phenom II x6 1100t.  Give it a look…it appears AMD’s intention of locking in the sub-$300 market is still in full swing.

Antimatter atoms stored for the first time in history

I was originally going to post a look back at John Carpenter’s The Thing, but this news is too big to ignore.

Sounding like something straight out of Star Trek, possibly the biggest scientific breakthrough of an entire generation has occurred at CERN (yes, THAT CERN.)  They managed to actually store antimatter atoms.  0_0  WHY AREN’T MORE PEOPLE TALKING ABOUT THIS???

Signed copy of Penny Arcade Season 1 DVD

I was one of the 3,000 lucky people who pre-ordered the Penny Arcade TV Season One DVD early enough to get it signed by the whole Penny Arcade crew…and it arrived today! Soooooo happy :-)   Even though it’s too late to get a signed copy, I highly recommend you purchase it…this is possibly the most feature-packed DVD set I’ve ever seen:

  • All 27 episodes from Season 1, including all 8 of “The 4th Panel” Episodes
  • English subtitles for all Season 1 Episodes
  • Four exclusive, never-before-seen episodes of “The 4th Panel”
  • Nearly three hours of deleted scenes
  • Two bonus audio tracks for EACH original episode, from both 2 Player Productions and Penny Arcade staff members
  • Totally region free

Call of Duty Black Ops patched

Black Ops was horrendously flawed on the PC when it was first released, but Treyarch has released the first (of what will likely be many) patches intended on fixing things up.  It looks like there’s already big improvements being made…here’s to hoping PC gamers won’t have to put up with the nonsense for too much longer.

iFixit takes apart the Kinect

iFixit has posted their teardown of Microsoft’s new Kinect hardware.  Who knew that unassuming plastic rectangle had so much packed inside it?  I daresay there’s more inside this thing than in an iPad!

Later this month, Logitech will be releasing something that I can’t believe hasn’t shown up for the masses yet: a wireless keyboard that uses solar cells to keep its internal batteries juiced.  Supposedly, the thing will continue to work even if left in complete darkness for 3 months.  This one is definitely worth a look.

VLC now available for iPhone/iPod Touch

After landing on the iPad, VLC is now available for the iPhone and iPod Touch in the App Store.  While I prefer to use MPC, having this versatile media player available for the iPad/Pod/Phone is great news indeed.

Winamp now available on Android

Scan this QR code or go to the Android Market to download the Winamp Beta.

Winamp, one of the greatest media players out there (especially if you have large playlists or like to use Shoutcast on your desktop PC) is now available for Android devices sporting Android 2.1 and up.  Not only does it bring a worthwhile music player to the platform, but it also brings Wi-Fi and USB syncing along with it!