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Ever wanted a detailed, insiders look at how the Library of Congress goes about restoring and preserving films, especially older ones that are potentially damaged?  This article provides a staggering in-depth look at this complicated process.  It was written by Ken Weissmen, Supervisor of the Film Preservation Laboratory at the Packard Campus for Audio Visual Conservation.  It’s a long one, so grab a beverage, a snack, and get comfortable.  Be sure to read it to the end, though; it’s totally worth it.

Sega outlines its DRM plans

It may seem a bit complicated at first, but it looks like Sega has finally come up with a sensible DRM plan.  I especially like the fact that after 18-24 months, they will release a patch removing the need to activate the games online.  This allows them to take the activation servers offline to save money while still allowing consumers full access to their products.  Not requiring the disc to be in-drive during gameplay and not restricting the number of times you can install the game are great advancements as well.

I personally would prefer there to be zero DRM on games other than an old-school serial number, but from a more realistic standpoint Sega has done a great job here.  Let’s hope other companies follow their lead.

Ever wondered how a display gets THX certified?

Well, thanks to HDGuru, now you can find out.  The process by which a display earns this prestigious marking is very in-depth.

Sure, why not

I’ve always been a big fan of quirky, strange ideas for movies.  I think that if you have an idea and enough content, making a movie out of a weird idea almost always bears fruit.  From 12 Monkeys to Eraserhead, seemingly nonsensical ideas have the potential to become classics. 

Enter the movie “Rubber”.  It’s about a killer tire with psychic powers.  I’ll let that sink in for a moment… it’s about a killer tire.  With psychic powers.  Check it out.

Halo Reach Beta opinions

No, unfortunately not our own…but it looks like, overall, the Kotaku culture is enjoying it.  Check out this story and read the comments section to see what your fellow gamers are saying about the beta.

Happy Star Wars Day!

May the Fourth be with you!

Well, isn’t this interesting.

We have something fun planned for tomorrow, but for now, check this out:  Ars Technica has a story up linking to a Dutch study that shows no correlation between users of file-sharing networks and a decline in sales.  In fact, based on the report, people that use file-sharing networks are the industry’s “largest customers”; they are more likely to have bought media in the past 12 months, buy more movies and games, and file sharers go to more concerts and spend more on merchandise.

Reason number 40,762 that space is cool

Image obtained from

This news is slightly outdated by Internet standards, but apparently there is a huge storm raging on Saturn.  Keep up the great work, amateur astronomers.  Your contributions are a valuable asset to keeping an eye on the universe around us.

Avatar DRM issues

Apparently, the DVD and Blu-Ray versions of Avatar are having some widespread DRM issues.  I’ve been telling friends and my family to wait for the inevitable double-dip edition anyway, since this one is just a barebones disc with no making-of featurettes or anything special, but it looks like we now have one more reason to do so.

If you missed it, you can read our review of Avatar here (the review was written based on the 3D theater version).

Bungie signed with Activision. Sort of.

Halo developer Bungie recently signed up for a publishing deal with Activision. Yes, that Activision.  What are the implications?  Why would they do something like this?  Click through for our opinion.

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